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Has it’s moments

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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Has it’s moments


    Some lovely lighting and incredible detail. Second to none at times, and undeniably a step forward. But also some terrible character animation and models. At times this feels more like an animatronic experience than an immersive digital world. Thankfully not for the majority of the game, but when it does happen it breaks the spell and that’s a real shame.


    Over complicated and unresponsive. I can’t in all honesty recommend. The movement and control scheme has really not improved upon GTA V which is unforgiveable for a game which tries (and sometimes succeeds) to create an immersive experience. The finicky controls serve as a constant reminder that this is a game and bizarrely for such a state of the art title, an old fashioned one at heart. The lag and inertia are unforgiveable for a game which relies on swift marksmanship and getaway.


    Suffers from the controls issue. Campaign is over long and repetitive in places (blam blam blam….how many people do you have to kill!!!). Plus point is definately the side missions and interaction.

    Plot / narrative

    Never ending explanatory dialogue which almost reaches uncharted 4 levels of irritant. Convoluted and could have done with a HUGE edit. No space left for the player – it feels as if EVERYTHING has to be spelled out to you. Overall the game includes parts which a judicious edit would get rid of. The biggest being the trip off map late in the game which serves little purpose and is jarring rather than engaging.

    Open World

    Not the biggest but certainly one of the most beautiful. Some truly wonderful lightning, flora and fauna. The deep south at night or the northern mountains in the evening are beautiful. A true step up in terms of graphics… and I really mean it when I say the lighting is at times wonderful. Riding through a forest with the sunlight breaking the trees can be absolutely spellbinding. Animals are uncannily real and put the humans to shame. A triumph.


    Plus points for scale, ambition and graphics. For me though, this is an open world that feels less interactive than BOTW and (IMO the king of open world gameplay) MGSV. This games feels more scripted and less systematic than either. However it is far more involving than the likes of Just cause and even beats Far Cry largely due to the variety on offer.


    A very good game let down by old fashioned controls and movement, a complete mess of a script which meanders for far longer than necessary and an uninspiring campaign. I don’t imagine history will judge this particularly well, although the engine bodes well for future Rockstar games (and indeed RDR2 Online).

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