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Great world, characters, and gameplay, with a bit letdown of the story

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    Gravity Rush 2

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Great world, characters, and gameplay, with a bit letdown of the story

    Gravity Rush 2 is all about a game where you can explore the beautifully designed world, with unique gameplay, hilarious side quests, great characters, with a bit letdown of the story.

    Gameplay 4/5
    This is one of my favorite aspects from the game, the gameplay is simple, yet effectively fun. You can roam around the beautiful world, finding treasures, gems, and hilarious side quests!

    What shines here is the gravity powers, which is fun to use against the enemy as you upgrade more of them. It also introduced "gravity style" which are unique, and useful against certain types of enemies. You will need to change it according to situations, and it adds up the element of strategy and variety in battles, compared to the first game.

    Talking about enemies, the designs are a bit boring. It uses the same assets of the previous games, although they add new enemy designs as well.

    There are also "challenges" where you can earns gems for leveling up, and as the name suggest, it is challenging. Some are like delivering newspaper in a set of time, or defeat enemies as many as you can. Getting the top prizes in these challenges is quite hard, but also addicting, as these are the means to get lots of gems for upgrades.

    As for boss fights, I could say that it’s a bit harder than the first game. They are being more agile because they have more human bosses and less Nevi than the first game. Some of the powers you acquired will have to be used much more carefully to able to hit them. Sometimes it’s bit annoying where you cannot do as you intended to, plus with a limitations to the battle fields. In some battles the field is limited, you cannot go around flying as you pleased because the game will "force" you back to the accessible battle fields. It would be much more fun if it’s limitless in my opinion.

    Another issue that I face is the camera. In some cases the camera was blocked by the enemy huge body, or when you’re blown away by them, the movement of the camera is like a chaos and confusing.

    Story 2.5/5
    The story is not the strong point of the game. The first half is interesting, being powerless after separated from her friends in a new world with new characters, trying to find Kat’s old friend Raven, with a conflict of politics, and gaps between the rich and the poor. However, as you reaching the final chapters, it feels disconnected. The last half of the story feels rushed and have no connection the to first half, which make it feels unimportant at all. Especially the last mission, where you will be introduced to a whole new settings and story, which feels like a forced one.

    Fortunately, some of the side quests are the real gem here. The personalities of the characters are standing out. Like a rich woman who speak ill of the poor, a reporter who seeks justice, a deliverymen with hilarious items to deliver, all with a sense of humor.

    Despite the lack of a good story, I personally like the characters. Each one of them has distinct personality which make them unique one another. It also has good enough character development, showing one can change from one’s perspective to a better one.

    Graphics 4/5
    Now this is one of the aspects that I love! The animations looks stunning, it is smooth, detailed, and vibrant. The world itself is vibrant in some areas, but in some others, it’s a bit dull. Especially in one area, it feels that the colors are a bit off. I don’t know if my screen if off or not but the place is too purple, or too muted, and the details was lost.

    The framerate is just as smooth, with a little bit of slowdowns when there are lots of NPC around, but it’s not a big issue. Most of the time the game will satisfy you graphically.

    Sound 5/5
    When you’re in a place where there are rich people, the sound reflects the feels of being rich, calming jazzy music, but as soon as you dive into the poor, the music becomes gloomy. And when you go to a marketplace, the music’s so lively. I could say that the music got it right for any place and situations. It just feels right, it boost the atmosphere where you in.

    Another thing that is unique is the language that is used in the game. It’s like a set of their own language, and it’s funny to listen to sometimes.

    Replayability 3/5
    The game is good for one run only in my opinion, because the story is not that exciting, so playing it twice is a no for me

    Recommendation 4/5
    I would recommend this game for the freedom to roam in a beautiful world, unique gravity powers, and great characters, if only you don’t mind the story. It’s a fresh title for a platformer genre, which is quite rare in these modern days of gaming.

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