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Great game, but can be repetitive.

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    Super Mario Odyssey

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Great game, but can be repetitive.

    This is a good game with a lot of creative ideas, but 100%-ing it is rather tedious.

    I’m just gonna start with my biggest complaint with the game. I beat it a bit ago, but don’t really have motivation to play it anymore. I think one of the main reasons for that is the over abundance of moons in the game. The fact that there are 999 moons isn’t the problem in itself, but its the fact that with so many moons, there’s bound to be repetition. There are a lot of moons that are almost a chore to collect. Even going through the game normally I found myself slowly loosing interest. The worlds are very pretty, but the game content itself isn’t the most exciting thing to me. I have not 100%ed the game yet just because I don’t have the patience to go and get every single little thing in every nook and cranny. Maybe this game just doesn’t suit my playstyle, but I just don’t enjoy it anymore.

    That being said, I remember back when I first got the game, I got to the 3rd kingdom (sand kingdom) and was absolutely in love with this game. Even though I have never cared for desert stages, the sand kingdom is probably my favorite kingdom in the game. It starts you off in a very charming village with a dia de los Muertos vibe. I remember my mind being blown when I was able to go into the buildings and shops in a mario game. I think as the game went on, seeing things like this was more normal and the impact lessened over time. Playing through the game for the first time blind was definitely a treat.

    I think that the game focuses a bit more on charm and aesthetics than gameplay. Gameplay-wise, the game is very similar to previous titles, (excluding captures) with the addition of an extra platform (a timed cappy throw). The most interesting thing about the gameplay is the captures, but I never felt like captures were something you wanted, just more of another way to progress. I’m still kind of mad that you can’t ride yoshi, you have to become yoshi, but yoshi by himself just looks and feels incomplete, even if he may control the same. Mario is by far the most fun and comfortable character to control in the game, so captures seem to hinder the players controls just so you can progress. However, where the game shines best is in aesthetics. Its soundtrack is GORGEOUS and every kingdom (at least visually) is unique and charming in it’s own way. I always loved being able to change your outfit and being able to decorate the ship. It definitely has that nintendo polish.

    I definitely like this game, I would just say that it lacks unique gameplay and replayability.

    Rating:   3.5 – Good

    Product Release: Super Mario Odyssey (US, 10/27/17)

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