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Good game with some flaws (which will be fixed in 2018)

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    Final Fantasy XV

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Good game with some flaws (which will be fixed in 2018)

    Hello there people, I hope you are all having a great day. Let me start off by saying this is only my second ever review here on GameFAQS. My other was years ago on Bravely Default. Anyways, enough small talk and on to the review. I will try to make it as spoiler free as possible.

    The first thing I want to say is a brief history that many people don’t know about the game. First I need to say, this is feels very incomplete… because it is. However, many people assume it is due to laziness from the developers… It isn’t. This game’s original Director before he quit (or got fired, not sure) he was working on this and it was titled ‘Final Fantasy vs Xiii’… yup, many of you would have heard of this game at some point, well this was actually it. Anyway, something happened withing Square and that Director quit and a new one was appointed. Instead of simply finishing the orignal plan, he decided to change this into Final Fantasy XV and change the story in it. Obviously no longer in Xiii universe but its own. He was on a deadline though, especially as this game had started almost 10 years prior. Because of this deadline, this is why the game feels and frankly is incomplete. However this game is going to get numerous updates throughout 2018 to fill in the gaps. Eventually by early 2019 we should get the full complete game.

    That isn’t the full story, just a quick version of what has happened to this game and why it is the way it is. Now on the the main review.

    Storyline 2.5/5… at the moment. Will go up eventually

    That grade will undoubtably go up eventually as more of the game comes out. Right, so the story. Let’s start off by telling you if you want the full experiences, you need to watch a movie and a small anime series first. This will bring you up to the start of the game.

    The film is called Kingsglaive which you can easily find online. This is visually beautiful and hardcore FF fans will get a kick out of some cool nostalgic moments. If this doesn’t sound appealing, I will just say it has some very cool old school bosses in it as well as a very infamous summon from ff7 (at least I think its that, seem some people say otherwise but most seem to think it is).The characters here for the most part don’t get a mention in the game… yet! They will though, eventually.

    The anime is called Brotherhood and is about the main protagonist and his posse before the start of 15. This is on youtube for free, legally. I’d say story wise this is better than the film. visually not so much.

    Now for the actual game story. It starts off slow, not really much going on and if you haven’t seen the film or anime then I can see why people get turned off by this as it doesn’t really go into any depth of the characters and their back story, much. After the first couple of chapters it does soon pick up but by the end it does get confusing because a lot of story is simply missing. As I said, I don’t want to give any spoilers away so I can’t say too much other than that. Please do not be turned off by it though. It will get better and the gaps will be filled in. You do get enough to know what is going on and the main point of the game, just a lot in the middle is missing.

    Gameplay 3/5

    Without going into too much detail, the battle system is real-time with an rpg element into it. It does have a wait mode but it sometimes annoys you. It is easy to get used to however there is a couple of downsides. First is the camera angle can be very dodgy, especially in small areas and when your amongst the trees. The second which may be ok with some, but its a little peev for me, is the fact you will be using a lot of potions and I mean a lot. You can cure by other means, but in my opinion it is dodgy and not really worth it as you could use the space for a ‘cure’ (its not actually cure in the game) for a better weapon or an attacking spell, which brings me to the next point.

    Weapons – the 4 guys in the party have their own weapons and a bit more info. ill say each without saying names.

    • The main guy can use anything and has 4 slots to choose from (you change weapon with the D-pad). His unique are special weapons you collect throughout the story (couple extras to find). You only get to play as him.
    • The big guy has massive powerful swords and/or shields and has 2 slots. Strong and lots of HP
    • The goofy guy uses guns and has 2 slots. Weaker, less hp but he is long range and theoretically not meant to die much, at least thats what I think they designed for. He dies loads.
    • The reasonable and sensible of the group uses daggers (mostly) and has 2 slots. Kind of an all rounder. average strength/hp. I like to use magic with him.

    They all have some special weapons which you have have to upgrade as a sidequest if you want to make them any good. You can equip extra amulets but honestly, to get the really good stuff you need to level up and do the harder sidequests. I did the game without changing much.


    Magic is overpowered but to counter that, it has limits on how much you can use. You find the 3 elements (ice/fire/lightning) around campsites which you have to draw from. Then go and (ill say sync, its not called that) sync them with an item to make them usable. Different items have different effects with the spells. Like if you combine with certain things you may poison/paralise etc when using the spell. If you sync it with healing medicines, the spells will heal (this games cure) but honestly, stick with potions. Save the spells for attacking, Lastly some items make the spells more powerful… and boy do they get more powerful from very early on in the game.


    You get these as you go on through the game. Visually amazing. Seriously amazing. They are mega mega mega overpowered though, they will wipe just about anything in one strike, even bosses if your lucky enough to use one against them (some you have to due to storyline reasons). The downside to summons is the face they are a pain in the backside to use. You have to meet certain criteria to use them and unless you read up online, the game gives you no hints on how to use them.


    So each guy has their own techniques and you have a tecq bar which fills up, up to 3 slots. It fills up as you attack but you can spend AP to get it to full in other ways and faster. You can get new techniques by spending AP.

    • The main guy warps a lot. The game will explain this a lot better than I will, takes a bit of getting used to.
    • The bug guy as you can imagine hits very hard or shields you.
    • The gun guy mostly uses his gun to do things… or take photos. Yup.
    • The other guy is kind of the buff up/heal guy. Has a couple of attack ones but meh.


    • Main guy fishes. Has no real point to it. Other than cooking fishing does nothing. Few sidequests to do with it which is fun, but can be a real pain and it will test your patience.
    • Big guy sometimes picks up items when killing enemies
    • Goofy guy takes photos which you can share online
    • Other guy cooks. This is very useful if you camp. You can only cook when camping. Cooking buffs you up for quite a long while

    Have to just say, you don’t level up from simple killing monsters. You get EXP that way but in order to actually use that EXP you have to go to sleep. Whether that be Motel, Caravan, Hotel or camping. The fancier the sleep the more exp you get. IE. the Seaside hotel is expensive, but you get double EXP. The Caravan gives you x1.2 more, caming gives you no more but you can cook instead.

    Now there is more to the gameplay but i’ll let you discover the rest on your own.

    Sidequests 4.5/5

    I put this seperate to the story because this is the main reason you will like this game. You will spend most of your time doing these. They are brilliant. They range from hunting/killing monsters, taking photos for a guy (who i’m almost certain is Hurley from LOST. No joke. I honestly think he was scanned for this guy), to getting items for people, catching frogs Quina style (not really that style, finding dog tags of dead hunters, Chocobo racing, extra dungeons, upgrading weapons, upgrading your car… the goes on.

    There is a shed ton of sidequests to do and will take you dozens of hours to do. This is the only way to make money (other than selling your stuff) and the best way to grind.

    I won’t say anymore. Enjoy it for yourself. Amazing

    Music and sounds 3/5 and 5/5

    Why did I give 2 marks for this? The first is the the FFXV music. Its good. Nothing special. Couple catchy ones. The voice acting is good though. No annoying voices. Though when your driving they do tend to repeat the same things after a while.

    Now the the 5/5.

    This is because as you play the game and progress, you can buy tracks from every FF game in the main series. ranging from 1-14, Dissidia and Type 0. More will come out next year. You can only play these in your car to start but eventually you get an mp3 player so you can listen to pretty much any FF track at any time in the game. Nothing better than having Kefkas music playing when your killing bosses or my personal favorate FF track, FF9 ‘you’re not alone’ (Zidane depression bit) when casually strolling through the world.

    Graphics 5/5

    I cant fault it. I really can’t. Its just stunning. I can’t say much more. I love every part of it. Even when the camera angle goes dodgy it looks stunning.

    Overall 3.5/5. Will no doubt go higher in 2018

    I have missed out a lot, but I really don’t want to give anything away. It really is a good game despite being incomplete. It doesn’t deserve the hate some people give it. Most don’t know the real reasons it is the way it is. They had to rush it in the end, which is why they are filling in the rest in installments over 2 years. They have more time to do this.

    Please don’t be put off, If people want to hold off a year before buying, till the game is fully complete I understand, I kind of wish I did, but despite that, I spent a good 70 hours on this and I have nowhere near done everything there is to do in the sidequests and loves every second. Last time I enjoyed a main FF game like this was when 10 came out. never played 11/14, I have 12 to do next and 13 wasn’t overly good IMO.

    Anyway, Thank you for reading, I hope you all enjoy it like I did. Give it a shot. It is cheap now too. Take Care.

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