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For Honor Centurion and Shinobi Early Review

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    For Honor

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    For Honor Centurion and Shinobi Early Review

    The first two DLC characters have been released. Centurion: A hybrid character for the Knights and Shinobi: An assassin character for the Samurai. In terms of appearance they both look very nice and are easily distinguishable from the other characters already in the game.

    Centurion is an in the middle character in terms of stats. He has reasonable health and speed. Centurion’s strength lies in his combos. One attack which is very unique to him is a jump attack dealing huge damage to enemies. This attack can be done to enemies on the ground and involves him leaping on them and stabbing them for a large portion of their health. This attack is really the centre of the Centurion. To combo with that attack he has a charged Melee attack which can be followed with a charged guard break, knocking back enemies. If the enemy is out of stamina or near a wall, they will fall allowing you to jump attack them. This gives him a tactic of waiting for enemies to become exhausted and then attacking.

    Now, his primary attack is fairly short ranged and deals decent damage too. This means that you can still play with simply (Without knowing combos) however it’s not utilising him that well. He also offers up other good combos that can result in high damage too. He also has good traits such as self heals, damage boosts and catapults to name a few.

    Personally, I really like the Centurion and he’s one of my new favourite characters. His jump attack is so punishing and so fun to use! I would give Centurion a 9 out of 10.

    Shinobi is a very fast character. The majority of his attacks and combos revolve around speed. He’s got a fast movement speed (He can also boost his sprint) but has low health. This means that you can’t get hit, which means you have to master his dodging and his speed. First off, he has a chain throw ability. This is simply done by holding the heavy attack button and releasing. It does quite low damage and is fairly easy to avoid but it can catch some enemies off guard. It’s true strength is in its pull ability. By pressing the guard break ability along side it, you will pull the enemy to you. This allows you to set up attacks and combos quite easily. Going with that is another one of his combos which makes the enemy kneel as you can unleash 3 fast attacks without them doing anything. I can’t remember the exact buttons you need to press however it combos perfectly with the pull.

    As for his speed and dodging, he’s great at it. If you press the dodge button right before an attack hits you, you will teleport behind the enemy. This is confusing to fight against but hard to master. He also has other teleports and kicks too which can be frustrating to fight. Once mastered, I think Shinobi could easily be one of the strongest and deadliest characters in the game, however I think it will take a long time to master him. If you’re fairly bad, new or don’t like confusing characters then I wouldn’t recommend him. However, if you like a challenge and like the learning curve then I would highly recommend him. For me he is an 8 out of 10 but he could easily be higher with more time.

    Overall, I would personally choose Centurion over Shinobi however both are great. It’s a choice of combos and damage VS speed and skill. Both are great though and I would suggest getting both if you can.

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