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Fly Me To The Moon: A Grand Adventure Awaits!

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    Super Mario Odyssey

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    Fly Me To The Moon: A Grand Adventure Awaits!

    Firstly, I want to preface this review with a bit of my history with Mario. I played Mario for the first time when I was seven years old. In short, I was blown away. As a Sega kid, I didn’t know what to expect from Nintendo. Throughout the years, I’ve mostly preferred PlayStation games over Nintendo offerings, but I still played Mario games.

    Long story short, I’m not the most hardcore Mario fan. I wasn’t a huge fan of Super Mario Galaxy, 3D World, or Sunshine. I personally thought that Super Mario Bros 3 was the pinnacle of Mario gameplay. That is, until I played Super Mario Odyssey.


    Super Mario Odyssey is the newest title in the evolutionary line of 3D sandbox Mario. The game merges mechanics from all the previous 3D Mario games such as Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario 64.


    3D Mario games have always been symbolic of Nintendo hardware prowess. Usually Mario games are some of the most graphically impressive titles on any given Nintendo system. Super Mario Odyssey is no exception. The game looks fantastic aesthetically, with an euphoria-inducing art-style. There are levels that look like a moving painting or cartoon. I would even go so far to say it’s even within earshot of the most technically advanced PlayStation 4 games. A full sixty frames rounds out the already impressive package.

    Nintendo’s games are renowned for iconic, endearing, diverse, and catchy soundtracks. Super Mario Odyssey continues that tradition. There’s a wide variety of music here; explosive Funk-rock, sweeping orchestral epics, atmospheric and calm eastern rhythms, and upbeat Jazz. There isn’t a single weak or bad track here.


    Super Mario Odyssey is the successor to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.The focus here is on collecting moons(used to power up Mario’s ship), coins(currency used to unlock artwork and costumes), and platforming. Due to the sandbox nature of the game, levels are vast, versatile, and most importantly, highly interactive. Each kingdom basically functions as a hub world, complete with platform challenges, mini-games, and boss battles. Whether you’re controlling a T-Rex pummeling Chain Chomps, speeding through a bustling metropolis on a Moped, or soaring through the clouds, there’s never a dull moment in Super Mario Odyssey. The star of the show is the capture mechanic. Mario can throw his trusted companion, Cappy, at enemies to possess them. What at first seems to be a novel and seemingly simple mechanic, forms the backbone of Super Mario Odyssey’s core gameplay. The level design is built around Cappy’s abilities. See a frog in a pond? You can capture it. What about that Paragoomba flying over a bridge? You can capture it. The game rewards players who are intuitive and daring, and that is probably it’s greatest strength. Mario controls fluidly, moreso than any 3D platformer in recent times. I can’t recall a time that I felt cheated by the game. If I failed, I knew it was my fault.

    However, one thing that bothered me greatly was the inclusion of motion controls. I’ve never been a huge fan of them, but I’m open to giving anything a shot. Unfortunately, the motion control implementation here is puzzling. For example, in order to use some of Mario’s extended moveset, you need to use motion controls. It’s frustrating. Even moreso , the game basically doesn’t use all the buttons on the Switch controller. Why couldn’t Nintendo have made the motion controls optional, and map the unused buttons to take advantage of Mario’s trickier moves? It’s a bit disappointing, but it doesn’t stop the game from being overall brilliant.

    In recent years, many gamers have complained that the 3D Mario titles have been too simplistic or easy. When I first played Super Mario Odyssey, it seemed that would be the case. I’m pleasantly surprised that my initial fears were misplaced. The pacing is brilliant and masterful. Just when you think the game is too easy, you’ll come across a level or challenge that humbles you. The difficulty curve is pitch perfect; when you come across a tough section, a checkpoint is within earshot. Nintendo was also gracious enough to include a mode for less skilled or casual players; Assist Mode. It’s this commitment to accommodate all kinds of players that makes Super Mario’s appeal shine and burn bright.

    I noticed there was a two-player mode, but I didn’t try it because I couldn’t find anyone suitable.


    Super Mario Odyssey is the Nintendo Switch’s crown jewel; a masterful, tenacious, beautiful game. This is the Mario game I’ve dreamed of since I was a little boy. From the first time I booted up the game, until the credits rolled, I never stopped grinning. That is a rarity in today’s age of gaming. Bravo Nintendo, bravo.

    Rating:   4.5 – Outstanding

    Product Release: Super Mario Odyssey (US, 10/27/17)

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