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Finally a reason to play Ghosts

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    Call of Duty: Ghosts – Nemesis

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Finally a reason to play Ghosts

    I have played Call of Duty probably more than any other gaming franchise over the last 10 years. That’s partly because there are simply so many games in the series, considering the annual release schedule, but it’s also partly because Call of Duty has pretty consistently provided fun, highly replayable gaming experiences. Ghosts is the first game in the series that I came away truly disappointed with, but the Nemesis DLC expansion pack for the game finally makes the game worth playing.

    I enjoyed all of the new maps added with Nemesis. It adds Goldrush, Subzero, Dynasty, and Showtime, the latter of which is a remake of one of the greatest Call of Duty multiplayer maps of all time, from Call of Duty 4, Shipment. The Shipment remake comes with added visual flair as well as some added areas to the exterior of the map. It’s still fun as ever, and it finally makes the Ghosts multiplayer experience worth a damn.

    The three other new multiplayer maps are also fairly entertaining. Goldrush has the gimmick of a mine cart that moves along rails that go across the entire map. It has more vertical elements than most maps in the series, though I thought that the brightness in the map was a little silly. The game attempts to make you feel outside in a desert by cranking the brightness up to insane levels when you are outside in Goldrush. The interior, cave areas aren’t annoyingly bright, thankfully, and no, adjusting the brightness levels doesn’t fix the issue.

    Subzero is my least favorite of the new maps, but it’s still well designed. It seems inspired by the various snow maps from the older games. Dynasty seems like a map that would be right at home in World at War, and brings to the table visual distinction as well as a good design.

    Nemesis also adds a new map for Extinction. It’s one of the better ones, but the Extinction game type is still just a failed attempt at replicating the popularity of Zombies. I really wish they would’ve had Spec Ops missions akin to Modern Warfare or Modern Warfare 2 instead of this nonsense, but whatever.

    Nemesis makes Call of Duty: Ghosts worth playing. Fans of the series will finally be able to justify their purchase of the game and its season pass with the Nemesis DLC expansion pack. It has its issues, but it’s still one of the better DLC packs that Infinity Ward and Activision have put out.

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