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Fight forever

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    Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Fight forever

    As far as fighting games go, Street Fighter II has been released perhaps more than any other in history. The game has been on basically every platform imaginable, and so it really was no surprise when Capcom brought an updated version to the Nintendo Switch. The core Street Fighter II experience comes intact, so what makes the Nintendo Switch version different?

    For one, the game has anime-style graphics that give the game a sleek look and a nice visual upgrade. Obviously it’s not up to the Switch’s full capabilities or even close, so the game gives off the vibe of an eShop title that is being sold as a full game. Even so, there’s no denying that it looks great, and players can even switch to the old school graphics if they so choose, which is a nice touch.

    Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers has a great all-around presentation. The stages are livelier, and the animation is really on point. Simply put, the game looks fantastic, even if it’s not necessarily taxing on the Nintendo Switch hardware.

    In terms of gameplay, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is basically the same old Street Fighter II experience for the most part. That means it is a very well-made fighting game that is a blast to play against the AI as well as with friends, though there are some slight tweaks to make it a little different than its counterparts. That being said, people that aren’t hardcore fighting game fans are unlikely to notice many differences between this version of Street Fighter II and the many others out there.

    While it plays very similarly to past games, which is fine, Capcom has also thrown some brand new content into the mix to make it a more enticing package for Street Fighter II veterans. One way this is accomplished is with new additions to the roster, like Evil Ken and Evil Ryu. Unfortunately, Evil Ken and Evil Ryu are not all that impressive, and are just re-skinned versions of existing characters. It would have been cool for Capcom to add brand new characters to the mix, like some of the fighters introduced in later games, but sadly that is not to be here.

    Another new addition is the Way of the Hado mode, which is in first-person and uses motion controls. Unfortunately, Way of the Hado feels tacked-on and is really kind of lame. It’s unresponsive, and there is a noticeable delay between when players make the motion with the Joy-Con controllers and with what happens on screen. It also has a tendency to misread motions, and so players end up doing actions they aren’t meaning to do.

    Ultra Street Fighter II, like later re-releases of Street Fighter II, features online and local multiplayer options. It’s fairly easy to find a match online, but the game may not have legs, especially with more high profile fighters like Pokken Tournament DX that has just released on the Nintendo Switch. Regardless, the local multiplayer is still a blast, and works perfectly fine.

    Beyond those modes, all players can do is try to master different characters. There is a gallery to check out and they can edit the colors of characters, but that’s about it. There’s nothing all that great to unlock, and so a lot of players may lose interest and fail to engage with Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers for the long term.

    Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is yet another re-release of a classic fighting game. It’s still fun, but those that have played Street Fighter II to death may find little interesting about the game’s new features. Those that have yet to give it a chance should be able to squeeze a good deal of time mastering this game.

    Rating:   3.5 – Good

    Product Release: Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (US, 05/26/17)

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