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Far Cry 4 is another Far Cry 3… Which is Good and Bad

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    Far Cry 4

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Far Cry 4 is another Far Cry 3… Which is Good and Bad

    Far Cry 4 is one of the later instalments in the Far Cry series, this time reusing the engine and gameplay from Far Cry 3 fairly heavily, to tell the story of a man named Ajay Ghale and his trip to India on his dead mother’s request, carrying along her ashes. Ajay gets into a whole mess of trouble right away, his father having been the leader of a terrorist organization in Kyrat, the fictional Indian country he’s visiting, and is expected to pick up where his father left off after his death. Curiously, Ajay jumps into things pretty readily, and for some random city kid, seems to be quite the ready-to-go jungle warfare master from the beginning. At any rate, the basics being laid down, let’s talk about a few aspects of the game.


    Far Cry 4 is a really pretty game, even on the PS4 it manages to maintain a great look and steady framerate, with lots of interesting foliage and things to hide in, and overall just looks really great. I’m surprised given when it came out that they had already managed to get it to run so smoothly on the PS4, and it’s one of the better looking PS4 games I’ve seen, just talking about the environments. There are few bad things to say about Far Cry 4 in this category, so let’s move on.


    Most of the guns in Far Cry 4 have nice sounds, and overall this is another thing the game does pretty well. Most voice acting isn’t bad in the game, and the depth of sounds in the jungle is about what you’d expect. There is some interesting music in the game as well that plays at key moments during some of the story missions and adds something to the environment. One thing I didn’t like about the sound in this game is the pirate radio station that plays over the radio, which seems to be run by one of the terrorist members. He makes a lot of really dry jokes and generally has an annoying streamer personality, and a lot of the time I would turn the radio off to avoid hearing it. If you aren’t progressing through the story quickly, you’ll also have to hear him say the same things over and over again until you progress to the next section.

    Core Gameplay:

    Far Cry 4 pretty much plays exactly how you’d want it to, and if you played Far Cry 3 you already know exactly how it plays. The game seems to encourage the use of stealth more than anything, with stealth kills being one hit kills on most/all enemies (except animals), and generally being the advantageous way to play. That being said, if you’re a little more daring or impatient, instead of sneaking around you can definitely run in with machine guns blazing on 90% of the missions of the game and make out okay as long as you’re careful with your health. It’s good that the game gives you lots of choice about how to approach situations, but I’d also take a bit out of this category because the gameplay is so directly ripped from Far Cry 3. There really is nothing new here at all, so if you’ve played that game, don’t expect any surprises.


    The story in this game is a bit hard to believe at times as mentioned at the beginning. It is strange to me that Ajay is so quick to jump into the organization left behind by his father, and it’s also strange that the people who are heading that organization instantly turn to an unexperienced city kid as a new leader (some of them put up a little argument right at the beginning but it’s short lived). The worst character in this game is Pagan Min, by far. His voice acting is great, but his character is quite a bit like Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2, constantly making dark comedy jokes right on the face of things. You see he has no conscious at all and the game really wants you to have a laugh at that, but it’s ultimately extremely annoying. It is unbelievable, much like with Handsome Jack, that such an unlikeable person could become a dictator in a country. There is little to like about him, and even though as a villain, on one hand it makes him easy to want to get rid of, it also makes it unfortunate that you have to listen to him yammer on for most of the game directly in your ear (another thing I didn’t like about Borderlands 2’s Handsome Jack).

    Other than that most of the characters are fairly hard to remember other than your two main buddies in the organization you’re working for. These two represent two extremes in your organization’s leadership, and are also both somewhat unlikeable which makes it hard to side with either of them whenever the game calls for you to. Ultimately though, that may be the point the game is trying to make. Either way, I would say the story is okay, but I had problems really getting into it since it’s not very believable, and all the side missions in the game seem very unlinked from one another and have little to do with the main conflict at hand.


    Far Cry 4’s a pretty fun game. I’ll give it a 3.5/5 for being good, but not great, and for being merely another version of a game that already came out (Far Cry 3). If you’re just looking for some action and another Far Cry fix, you’ll definitely find it here. If you’re going in looking for a brilliant story and to be wowed, though, this game’s pretty devoid of that. Kyrat is a fun place to hang out for 10-20 hours while you finish the story, and another 10-20 hours if you want to do the extras, but it doesn’t really offer anything lasting, original, or particularly memorable, just "some fun."

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