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Drawn to Mediocrity

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    Drawn to Death

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Drawn to Mediocrity

    The online arena shooter market has been dominated by Overwatch (and likely will continue for some time) but that’s no reason to not give other arena shooters a chance, especially an IP like Drawn to Death. Brought to you by David Jaffe, the director for God of War, we have an especially interesting take on the genre.

    A few things before we dive in. It’s currently a free game for PS Plus members but if you’re on the fence about getting in and you end up missing it while it’s free, it costs $20. This is said to dispel the "free to play" myths that float around and misname this. Also, the name "Overwatch (why I brought it up at the beginning) lite is incredibly misleading. This game, while an arena shooter, doesn’t share anything in common outside of core mechanics such as team based action, etc.

    One last thing. Since there isn’t a story to this, I won’t be writing about it outside of the brief mention of what the premise is.

    Sometimes a game just falls into your lap and you wonder, "Gee, how did you get here?"
    but then there’s a game like Drawn to Death that just provides you with the excuse to grind away a few hours with something more akin to Quake than Overwatch. Like Quake is being generous in that area as Quake broke new grounds as a Multiplayer Shooter as you usually had to go to a friend’s house to play it whereas you can get online here and simply jack in to be connected to other players.

    Drawn to Death combines the effects of Quake with the quirkiness I’d almost expect from a Suda 51 game and yet it goes off the story that you’re all drawings in a very bored high schooler’s notebook. The game informs you that it doesn’t care about you and gives you a brief, but good, tutorial, before dumping you into a match.

    By the way, I know it’s been out only for a few days, but considering the sheer volume of PS Plus members, I expected better on the matchmaking. It seems like you’ll fight with or against the same 3-5 people over and over before you even make it past your first few fights, and there doesn’t seem to be a rankings system to keep more experienced players out of your games so you’ll end up having to learn quick. This learning curve can damage most people’s egos before they even start, and the servers seemingly to be cluttered or otherwise clogged up doesn’t help this much.

    Now, that’s quite a bit of the negativity out of the way and there are positive things. For one, I do rather like this concept of using doodles that someone has in a notebook for shooting, and each character has their own look and feel. While gunplay has the same feel from them all, they do hold their own special moves, one of which is a charge attack of some kind but the rest is unique. I had some time with Johnny Savage, the tutorial character, and he uses his electric guitar to either throw a pentagram that can explode or cause such a massive headache that your opponents’ heads will burst. While there are only six characters at this time and I won’t rip on it because they’ll likely add in new characters later, much like other newer shooters and MOBAs even of today. Each has, in addition to their specials, a character they wreck and one they actually don’t hurt too much with their specials. For example, Johnny, if he triggers one of his specials underneath Cyborgula, deals 2x damage to him. However, if he’s fighting Tijuana Diabla, she can absorb his demon he summons and get 250% health! I mean, that’s just one character, but it’s definitely unique as I know no other game has this going on for them.

    Now, this might be where many people compared this to Overwatch and that’s the microtransactions. While it’s not a fee to play game, the Mystery Boxes are definitely their cash grab. While it’s relatively cheap to buy more, and they only contain skins and taunts, it will likely cause issues as the skins change up the entire look of a character. One thing to note is that you do get freebies of the Mystery Boxes, but you have to get a whopping 150 kills in game to get a new one. The one I obtained for Johnny turned him into a cyborg-ish punk rocker, looking completely different. However, it’s the Blood Keys that’s going to push people into this or away from this. You get a little bit of the Blood Key meter whenever you finish a match, the higher place giving you better blood, but it’s so little that you could go entire matches without getting enough to unlock new weapons, and you’ll want them as the beginning weapons are trash. This can be so bad for some players, as this is the ONLY way to get new weapons, period. Not even Mystery Boxes do that. Not only that, but unless you’ve played Arena Shooters before, some descriptions might make you want a weapon, only to find out that it’s not quite what you wanted it to be and it ends up becoming a repetition in losing. I don’t expect to pick up a game and master it immediately but when I get blown away as soon as I spawn, it doesn’t make it very enjoyable.

    Speaking of spawning, you do come into the arena in a way I like and it’s a la dropkick. You hover over the arena and click X, or just wait for time to run out, and you land. This is a way for aggro players to really touchdown or to plan a more stealthy approach in a two v two fight, or even a classic deathmatch.

    Here’s where I get into another complaint. You cannot choose what mode you land in, and over the course of time I’ve played this game, I’ve only had deathmatch, team deathmatch and one called Organ Donor, a sort of kill, collect a heart, score it by staying in a highly exposed zone for points. I like the concepts of losing points this way, as well as losing points in team play by getting two per kill, but losing one per death/suicide. Just so, it didn’t feel right having to deal with this sort of thing, as it didn’t generally feel like I was getting too good with any mode before I was swapped into the next.

    The Tower is something of a mystery at this point, as I have done my best to research it before I posted this as I just didn’t have enough information, but near as I can tell, you get a star for a win in a match, and lose one for a loss. You get enough stars, you unlock the next room, and supposedly there are other game modes and skins, etc, in there. Unfortunately the game doesn’t explain this item very well and I don’t really see the use of it yet, but it doesn’t hinder the player so I won’t say it’s so bad a thing.

    Here’s the damning part. This fresh IP really feels fresh. It goes along the teenager’s angst/attitude in both speech and looks and really speaks to me in a way I like, but I have an issue with games that don’t make me feel one way or the other. When I get done here, I want to play it, but at the same time, I feel as if I’ll be frustrated rather fast because I could be paired up against people who have had much more time with the game than I have. If it’s this bad to begin with, we can only hope it gets better in the future.

    Pros: Fresh IP
    Has a scintillating cast
    Doesn’t care what you think
    Makes the grungy look work
    Doesn’t take itself seriously

    Cons: Servers
    Matchmaking issues with ranks
    Blood Keys
    Can be blocky on the control scheme at times

    A midrange, possibly mediocre game and I was hoping for more. For what it is, it’s solid, and I’m likely to stick with it in the hopes that it will improve, but don’t let the glitter fool you into thinking this is gold.

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