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Devilish Family Fun

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    Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Devilish Family Fun

    Concept: Play with up to four of your best friends or on your own with a single computer controlled companion to defend humanity from the hoards of hell. Character advancement is rapid, so expect to be constantly altering your gear and special powers.

    Graphics: The action is viewed from above, thus the detail of the characters, environments, and enemies is limited. This cartoonish presentation however allows the game to be safe for kids to play as the gore and ghoulish details are obscured. The cinema scenes are done in a sketch style with an equal sensitivity to limit gory details. In all, the presentation is a fun fantastical aesthetic.

    Sound: The music of Diablo is appropriate if forgettable. The sound effects of combat will eventually become monotonous, and you may find yourself turning the volume down on your speakers. The voice acting is good enough to bring the characters to life, and it is recommended to fully experience the story to adjust the sound setting to allow the voices to take priority over everything else.

    Control: Each button activates different abilities and rapidly attacking does not require mashing a single button, but simply holding that button down. Easy to pick up and learn, even for kids.

    Game Time: If you have the right team and use the proper powers the entire game, including the Reaper of Souls content can be completed in approximately 20 hours. Hundreds of hours however can be poured into the game to chase all the trophies as you fully advance six characters to level 70 and beyond.

    Admittedly I was skeptical that this popular hack and slash multiplayer game would have an entertaining story or mechanics that kept me engaged, and was pleasantly surprised as I loved conquering Diablo and Death with my nieces and nephews (ages 8-13). The game is easy to pick up and has enough complexity to engage both new and experienced players. Not all of the mechanics are intuitive, so it is recommend to use online guides to fully understand how to maximize your characters growth. It is an absolute blast to create and discover synergies between the characters, so experimentation is encouraged! The difficulty of the game is easy to adjust and includes not only the basic three modes but also several above the hardest mode to challenge the most optimized players and teams. Upon character death you have infinite respawns, so all players regardless of skill can complete the game.

    The story includes your basic fantasy tropes, but involves several entertaining twists. Players whom collect all the lore books and speak with all the non-player characters (NPCs) will be rewarded with additional depth that brings the world Sanctuary to life. With the sequence at the end of the game I am definitely excited to see how the story evolves between the forces of good and evil in Diablo 4!

    Recommendation: For those seeking a game to play with their friends and family this is one of the best games for coach co-op game for the PlayStation 4. For those seeking a decent single player fantasy role-playing action game this game will deliver on that itch as well, if not as well as other RPGs on the market.

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