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Destiny 2 – Is It Worth It?

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    Destiny 2

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Destiny 2 – Is It Worth It?


    Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer first person shooter developed by Bungie that was released on September 6th 2017. I was a very big fan of the first game, putting in countless hours, playing day and nights completing the multiple things there were to do in the game such as the Story Mode as well as the Strikes, Raids, and it’s Player vs Player mode called ¡°Crucible¡±. Having played the first one and enjoying it very much buying the second one was a no brainer. I have spent 1 month with the game and have gone through the story twice going through most of what the game has to offer. I have not yet gone through the raid so I will leave that out. I will not include anything about the story because I do not think it is the reason people buy the game


    The Story mode made a huge improvement from the first one. Although both were very short the story in Destiny 2 was very captivating to say the least. The cutscenes were made so well and the graphics are absolutely stunning. You won’t really understand the story as far as who the characters are and the main premise of the story if you didn’t play the first game which was disappointing. Bungie does a horrible job of trying to keep new players up to speed on the events of the first Destiny by showing a little slideshow of some of the big events but it doesn’t really help anyone unless you played the first game. Upon starting the game you have a choice of 3 different character classes: Hunter,Warlock, and Titan. Each individual class having their own unique abilities and feats. The leveling system is virtually the same from the first game. You progress through the game for the first 20 levels using experience points, after that your power level is based on your ¡°light level¡± which you can raise simply by continuing to play the game and obtaining higher leveled gear from the post-story events. Through Engrams which can be different colors, each color is based on how high or rare the contents of the engram will be. Also, based on the light level of your character the drops from the engrams will be a similar level which will help you increase your light level making it more worthwhile to collect these

    Bring a Friend Along

    Being a multiplayer only game it makes sense that your overall gameplay experience will be heavily enhanced if you pick up 2 of your friends and run through the story together. The awesome feeling you get when you get better gear than your friends is so rewarding. Communication is something that you’ll need to actually do good. I like this very much because this isn’t a game that just anyone can play, you need to strategize and plan out what classes everyone uses for an effective run whether you are doing Strikes or the Raid. The game is still new so there is still lots of content to be released to add on to the player’s experience running through the world of Destiny 2. Nonetheless I truly believe that playing with friends is the way to go because the first time I tried to run through the game I either give up because I am under leveled at times or I just am just bored

    The Crucible

    The Crucible is my least favorite mode on Destiny 2 because I can just pick up any multiplayer game like Call of Duty or Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. It is just another copy and paste of a team vs team game play style where you work together to reach the point limit before the other team. The only thing that makes this game mode interesting is the wide variety of weaponry and gear that a player may have in their arsenal. The Crucible mode is very unbalanced but that is expected of any game that was recently released. There is still much room for improvement on Bungie’s part. Of course I still appreciate the improvements they’ve made from the first Destiny’s version of the Crucible, Such as skill based matchmaking which means you will be pitted against players of a similar skill level to yours that the first Destiny lacked.


    I give Destiny 2 a 4/5. Although it was made very well I still think there are many ways they can improve on making the experience better for the players. This could change as the game is still far from complete with future add-on content and updates to the game

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