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Despite extreme repetition, the game is nothing but fun.

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    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Despite extreme repetition, the game is nothing but fun.

    I went into Overwatch having absolutely no idea what to expect. I did not follow it’s development, nor had I payed much attention to any previews that were released. I had no idea Blizzard even developed the game until I turned it on for the first time.

    If someone described to me what you actually do in Overwatch, I would never even want to touch the game. "Stand on his point for a designated number of seconds." "Walk this car from one side of the level to the next." "Stop other plays from standing in that designated spot." Every time you load up a game of Overwatch, you are told to perform one of these simple objectives.

    You are given 22 characters to choose from to help you along with these objectives. It’s your job to pick one of them to try and contribute to the mach and help your team win. Some of them are run and gun, some are healers, some are tanks, etc. They are divided into groups and it’s usually a smart idea to make sure your team is made up of a good mixture of these types in each of the 6v6 games you will be playing.

    What makes the repetition worth going through is just how fun everything is to do. Playing as D.Va for example puts you into the role of a gamer chick who rides around in a mech suit with infinite bullets, a shield, jet packs, and with the ability to detonate said mech suit for a nuclear explosion. Another character, Trobjorn has you playing as an angry Viking who creates turrets for defense. Playing as Reaper on the other hand has you getting as close to enemies as possible, constantly wailing them with your double shot guns with the ability to turn into a darkly cloud to avoid all damage for a moment.

    Each character, even if they are in the same class, plays so differently that it makes playing Overwatch feel like an entirely different game depending on who you pick. It creates nearly endless replay value as you master these characters, each of them being easy enough to pick up and play with to see if you might enjoy what they have to offer.

    You will quickly learn what each character is capable of in the intense online matches. You’ll learn to run for dear life if you hear the phrase "It’s high noon…" spoken elegantly by McCree, or duck and cover when Pharah shouts from above "Justice rains from above!" as she shoots dozens of rockets down on the poor enemy team below.

    Each character has an "ultimate" which is a special move or power that is granted to them for a short time that can completely change the outcome of a match in it’s last overtime second.

    Being 100 hours into this game and feeling like I have barely scratched the surface is a fantastic feeling. Each time I delve into a match and use one of my main characters or try out a new one feels fresh. There are 12 maps to learn and get comfortable with and it feels like just enough variety to keep you entertained and coming back for more.

    You can gain new skins and cosmetics from Loot Boxes that you earn from leveling up any of the characters or they can be directly purchased from the Xbox Marketplace. Each Loot Box usually contains about 4 items or so. Sometimes you will receive duplicate items and they are automatically converted into credits that you can use to out right just buy a skin or cosmetic item that you want.

    The game has the following modes: Quick Play (which is unranked) Competitive (which IS ranked), Play against AI bots, Training, and a special mode that switches out. For example, it’s nearly Halloween as I write this review so the special mode is Junkenstein’s Revenge that plays similar to Zombie mode in Call of Duty.

    Despite the extreme repetition of playing the same modes on the same 12 maps over and over again, the game is nothing but fun. It has nearly endless replay value due to the different characters making the game feel completely different with each of them.

    There is a lot of lore to this game as well, that you will slowly but surely come to understand as the characters talk with one another randomly in each match. It’s interesting stuff actually and the game could definitely benefit from having a big single player experience involving these characters as well.

    If you want a fun shooter to play on Xbox Live with friends and strangers alike, look no further than Overwatch.

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