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Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune – Cheats

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    • Owner Level Unlocks

      Hit the Owner Level listed below for Special Features and items!

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Black Fan 70
      Black Sailor Uniform 80
      Blue Sailor Uniform 90
      Event Paradise 30
      Forest Bloomers 60
      Gold Fan 60
      Gold Volleyball 22
      Gravure Paradise 50
      Mysterious Key 69
      Mysterious Silent Figurine 39
      Mysterious Sound Figurine 05
      Mysterious Volleyball 100
      Navy Bloomers 40
      Navy School Swimsuit 10
      Pose: (Bending forward) Basic 50
      Pose: (Crouching) Basic 45
      Pose: (Crouching) Chin on hand 75
      Pose: (Grasping knees) Basic 70
      Pose: (Lying on side) Basic 10
      Pose: (Lying on side) Laying down 15
      Pose: (Other) Breathless 40
      Pose: (Other) Duck 30
      Pose: (Other) Mermaid 20
      Pose: (Other) Moebius (Fast) 28
      Pose: (Other) Moebius (Normal) 18
      Pose: (Other) Moebius (Slow) 08
      Pose: (Prone) Back extension 110
      Pose: (Prone) Chin on hand 60
      Pose: (Puppy) Basic 90
      Pose: (Standing) Flutter 03
      Pose: (Standing) Jump 80
      Pose: (Supine) Sit-up 100
      Pose: (W-sitting) Basic 05
      Rouge Bloomers 50
      Rouge School Swimsuit 20
      Silver Volleyball 12
      Skin Lotion EX 110
      Time Stop 80
      White Sailor Uniform 70
      White School Swimsuit 30
    • Unique item unlocks

      Items and swimsuits that are unlocked via specific actions with each girl.

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      DOA Costume 1 Win 50 activities
      DOA Costume 2 Win 100 activities
      DOA Costume 3 Win 150 activities
      Favourite Food Complete character mission 3/7
      Fortune Swimsuit Achieve a score of S-rank on 9 vacations
      Lovely Summer Swimsuit View the girl’s ending pictorial
      Personalised Forest Bloomers Play Rock Climbing 10 times
      Personalised Navy Bloomers Play Beach Volleyball 10 times
      Personalised Navy School Swimsuit Play Pool Hopping 10 times
      Personalised Rouge Bloomers Play Beach Flags 10 times
      Personalised Rouge School Swimsuit Play Butt Battle 10 times
      Personalised White School Swimsuit Play Tug-of-War 10 times
      Unique Item Complete character mission 5/7
    • VIP Ticket Unlocks

      To unlock the VIP tickets you have bet a cumulative total of Zack Dollars in the casino while in Owner Mode. Win or lose, once the amount is reached the ticket will be unlocked for purchase at the start of the next day.

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Dangerous Ticket 1,000,000 Zack Dollars
      Forbidden Ticket 5,000,000 Zack Dollars
      Secret Ticket 10,000,000 Zack Dollars
      Tempting Ticket 2,000,000 Zack Dollars


    • Force replay

      Immediately after scoring or losing a volleyball point, press and hold L2 to force a replay

    • Hidden Poses

      Several of the Pose Cards in Photo Paradise have secret alternate poses viewable by using the Black Fan on a destructible suit.

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