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Darius Cozmic Collection – Cheats

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    • Codes

      Effect Code
      Extra Ships Hold L+R on Controller 2, hold Select and press start on Controller 1, then change the number of ships.


    • Alternate ending

      Fly through stages H and K.

    • Secret Endings

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Ending 1 Don’t destroy Super Alloy Lantern (Final Boss)
      Ending 2 Destroy Super Alloy Lantern.(Final Boss) Lose 2 lives during the entire game
      Ending 3 Destroy Super Alloy Lantern(Final Boss) Lose 1 live during the entire game
      Ending 4 Destroy Super Alloy Lantern without losing a life (Final Boss)


    • No Enemy Demo

      Play the game and top the high score of 100,000 points. Then enter the initals ZTT when you can after the game is over. When the demo runs, no enemies will be there in the action scene.

    • Safe Spot

      As soon as the first stage begins, fly to the top of the screen and stay above the last three digits of the high score. No enemies will hit you.

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    • Codes

      During the intro sequence

      Effect Code
      Big Hi-Score List A,B,C,A,B,C,A,B,C,A,B,C
      Infinite Continues B – B – B – C – A – A – A – B – B – C – C – C
      Level Select C – A – C – B – C – A – B – A – B – C – A – C
      Super Hard Mode C – C – C – C – C – C – C – C – C – C – C – C
      The phrase "No hit" will appear and you will have invincibility A, B, A, C, B, C, C, B, C, A, B, A, A
    • Sound Test

      To enable the sound test, earn a high score while playing and enter the initials ZTT.

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    • Codes

      Effect Code
      Boss Mode Press Down, X, Up, B, L, R, Left, A on controller 2 when the Taito logo appears
    • The Konami Code

      Pause the game
      (Japanese version; Darius Force, confirmed, unconfirmed on NTSC/PAL versions)

      Effect Code
      self destruct Up Up Down Down L R L R B A unpause
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