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Clipped wings

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    Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle

    Rating: 2.0 – Poor

    Clipped wings

    Capcom has a lucrative DLC plan for Dead Rising 3. Entitled the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos, Capcom is planning four separate episodes set in the same city as Dead Rising 3, focusing on characters other than Dead Rising 3 protagonist Nick Ramos. The end results? A boring retread of the worst parts of Dead Rising 3 that tells a story that didn’t need to be told.

    Operation Broken Eagle puts players in control of Kane. The game starts off pretty much exactly like the core Dead Rising 3 game, with Kane having to regenerate his health and gather supplies before heading off into Los Perdidos and the masses of zombies therein.

    Kane is a mercenary, one of the leaders of the various mercenary groups encountered by the player throughout the course of the core Dead Rising 3 game. Operation Broken Eagle explains various things that didn’t really require explanation. Like, why is there a destroyed helicopter in the middle of the street? Why is this particular road blocked? Just minor stuff that has absolutely zero importance to the overall story in Dead Rising 3.

    The timeline for this DLC is a little confusing. It obviously has to take place before the events of Dead Rising 3 because of the things it explains, but at the same time, that doesn’t really seem all that possible when the timeline of Dead Rising 3 itself is taken into account. Despite being incredibly short, the story just creates a bunch of plot holes and time inconsistencies, unfortunately.

    Not only that, but Operation Broken Eagle is a complete bore. The main story missions take the worst ideas for missions from the main Dead Rising 3 game and throws them in here. Most missions involve long treks across the city, having to constantly refer to the map to get anywhere, which constantly breaks up the gameplay and ruins the flow of the game.

    Side missions are basically non existent. The only new side missions added here consist of finding fellow squad members and confirming whether they are dead or alive. That’s it. And every single side mission in the DLC is the same. This is just pure laziness on the part of Capcom, but it gets worse.

    All of the various other side activities are literally recycled from the main game with minor twists. Instead of liberating the safe zones, Kane infects the safe zones. Instead of destroying the ZDC cameras, Kane hacks into them. All it does is force players to retread over all too familiar territory. The entirety of Operation Broken Eagle is basically filler.

    That being said, it does add things to the game that are genuinely fantastic, especially the new weapons. Kane comes equipped with badass combat knives that are a lot of fun to use to hack up the living dead. New combo weapons include a chainsaw + combat shotgun combination that is as badass as it is deadly, and there is a higher focus on shooting over melee combat in the DLC when compared to the main game, which means that the combat actually feels significantly different in many respects.

    I also appreciated that all the progress made with Nick is carried over to Operation Broken Eagle. The number of zombies killed total, the various perks from leveling up Nick, all of that jazz. So the DLC doesn’t feel like a COMPLETE waste of time since it still allows you to level up, purchase upgrades, collect weapons that can then later be accessed by Nick in safe zones, etc.

    Operation Broken Eagle ditches the co-op, and honestly, I didn’t miss it. Since Dead Rising 3 lacks offline co-op functionality and the online co-op is kind of boring anyway, it missing from the DLC is not as big of a deal to me as it may be for others.

    Operation Broken Eagle is a pretty awful expansion, and it gets the eighth generation off on the wrong foot when it comes to DLC. The expansion tells a quasi prequel story that, like most prequel stories, does not come across as important enough to be worth telling. The main game in Dead Rising 3 is infinitely better, but Operation Broken Eagle is still worth going through just for the new weapons alone, and it’s thankfully not that big of a headache due to how insanely short the expansion happens to be.

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