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Chargin Chuck is Amazing!

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    Super Mario Odyssey

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    Chargin Chuck is Amazing!

    Super Mario Odyssey is quite a solid title. I really enjoyed playing this game and even writing an FAQ/Strategy guide on it. For players that do not have the game but own a switch, I would say it is a definite pick up. For people that do not own a switch, they may want to read on a bit further.


    Graphically the game is very nice looking. I feel the graphics are sweet and relate to Mario very much so. Some effects are much better than others. The Lava Bubbles really come to mind as does some of the awesome boss battles. The smaller graphical effects seem to shine more at times than the graphics as a whole. The graphics are excellent, however, they lack a fresh feel at times. Even some of the effects or a bit rushed. For example, I felt the Jet Stream effect from the enemies captured in the Seaside Kingdom to be a bit watered down literally. Fire areas such as Bowser’s Castle are extremely well done. The Desert Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, and the Lost Kingdom, really stand out to me. They stand out with brilliance in graphical design and even originality. The Cap Kingdom and the Cloud Kingdom are two areas that come to mind that lack astonishment in their graphical approach. They are nice and don’t cause me to cringe. I just felt that overall these two areas are a bit weaker in the graphics department. This is almost how I feel about the entire game. Which is why the score falls short of perfect to me.

    Music and Sound Effects

    Some music extremely stands out for me. The Desert world called the Sand Kingdom would be one of them. It has a musically alluring soundtrack that really gets the player into the world’s overall feel. It absorbed my attention greatly and I loved every second of that area in the game. The Lost Kingdom has this creepy crawling feel to its soundtrack that also put me in the zone. The Metro Kingdom’s Festival scene was also very emotional and compelling. I found this to be excellent and the ending music of the game topped everything off. I was very emotionally to the ending music of the game. I felt the pacing was excellent in comparison to the gameplay and it ended climatically enough at just the precise moment. Excellent pacing, Excellent soundtrack, especially for the ending music and the festival.

    The sound effects are also quite nice for several of the Captures in the game. Other than that we have most of the common Mario sounds. For example, Mario doesn’t have anything really new to say when he is jumping. It is the reused "Whew Who!" after a triple jump and so on. This isn’t a major problem though and can easily be overlooked by many if not all players. Overall the sound effects are solid, but nothing on the excellent foot tapping of Breath of the Wild.


    This is definitely one of the better gameplay titles of the year. Being a picky or even Nit-Picky gamer I like near perfection when I play my video games or I can’t even write about them. Super Mario Odyssey doesn’t fall very short of awesomeness here. The Captures keep the gameplay very fresh. Some of the Captures are far more interesting than others though. If I recall correctly, I believe there are around 50+ captures in the entire game. This is actually quite an astonishing amount, especially being the fact that around 30 or more of them have their own control mechanics. Some of them that really stand out are like my review title states Chargin Chuck. Chargin Chuck is a little secret capture towards the very end of the game. It looks amazing and is a classic return. Most importantly Charging Chuck is extremely fun and unique to use. The idea is to find those extra power moons with the in-game captures. Some Power Moons can only be acquired while a certain enemy is captured. From that point, players must generally complete an obstacle course or solve a puzzle of sorts for the Power Moon. It is rather refreshing and fun, but I do have some gripes.

    My first gripe is that Nintendo seems to take things away from other games. This can be good to switch up the gameplay. In my opinion, Super Mario Odyssey would have served better with just a little bit more. For example, in New Super Mario Bros we had Suits just like in Super Mario Bros 3. In Super Mario Odyssey, we have costumes. Unfortunately, these costumes are almost 100% fashion Mario or just for cosmetics. They basically don’t offer anything to the gameplay. Sometimes you may need a costume to open a secret door or get a Power Moon. Once again to confirm to the readers, the costumes do not have any sort of power-ups. This is was a huge let-down, and honestly could have been changed easily, had more time or thought had been spent on this entry to the Super Mario Franchise.

    The costumes are still a bit charming and I love how some of them can be used to change Super Mario’s appearance even in the classic Mario areas. I found that to be a rather nice touch by the guys and gals at Nintendo. Overall it does feel like I have been slightly slighted and almost hooked like a fish if I do say so myself. In-conclusion the costumes are nice, they lack some charm and once again are just for cosmetic purposes.


    Finally, I would like to talk about the post-game and replay value of Super Mario Odyssey. The game is huge quite honestly. It has over 990+ Power Moons to collect. The game has some of the best bosses and boss fights in the entire series to date. The graphics are still rather wonderful despite a few gripes here and there. Players will also be challenged as the game can get hard especially in the post-game. The bottom-line here is that you will be entertained and if you are a that one particular Super Mario fan without a Nintendo Switch, you would be missing out greatly.

    Rating:   4.5 – Outstanding

    Product Release: Super Mario Odyssey (US, 10/27/17)

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