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Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood – Cheats

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    • Skip Cutscene with Death and Keep Equipment (Alternative Method)

      After completing the prologue, make your way through the castle hall as Alucard. Get to the very end of the last hallway before you encounter Death (past the wargs). Carefully tap forward to get to the edge of the screen and once you transition to the next screen, hold back or back dash to leave the room with Death. If you did it right, the music should stop. Proceed forward to the room and Death will not show up and take your equipment. Continue making your way through the castle and reach the next save room. Once you record your progress and leave the save room, the music will resume playing and you can play the game with overpowered gear.


    • Maria Playable

      After passing the game input MARIA to play as her.(Defeat Dracula in 2nd castle.)


    • Rondo of Blood: Extend Richter’s whip range

      Once you press the attack button, press forward at the last instance or frame of the whip animation.

      If done correctly, Richter’s whip will glow and will strike longer than usual. This also works during jump attacks and crouching attacks (press forward while still crouching).

      An alternative/easy way to do it is to press forward twice or as many times as you can during the whip animation. So long as a forward input gets registered during the required frame, the whip extension will take place.

    Secret Items

    • Extra Axe Armor

      Destroying the spiked ball in the library will sometimes drop a set of Axe Armor. This thing also gives a large amount of EXP early on and is not listed as an enemy in the bestiary.

    Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Cheats


    • Stage Select.

      To select any stage without the work, enter X-X!V”Q as your name.


    • Alternate Stage 5

      Defeat Death in Stage 5, then go to Alternate Stage 4 and defeat Camilla.

    • Play as Maria

      To play as Maria Renard, you must retrieve the prison key from a candle in the area that you are chased by the Behemoth in the default Stage 2 (do NOT take the alternate path from Stage 1). When you reach the end of the castle sewers later in the level, there will be a locked door just beside the stairs. If you did not exchange the key for any throwing items after picking it up, you can use it to open the door and rescue Maria. Complete the level as normal and the next time you restart the game, the Character Select option will be available on your save file’s menu.


    • Akumajou Dracula Peke (Wii Virtual Console)

      To unlock this secret on Wii’s VC version do the following while in-game:

      – Press the Home button
      – Select "Reset"
      – Highlight "Yes", keep the pointer on the button, press and hold 1 and 2 simultaneously on the Wii Remote while pressing and holding "Left/Up" on the D-pad of the Classic Controller (the pointer should lock over the Yes button).
      – Without releasing any of the buttons press "A" on the Wii Remote to confirm. If done right (it can be tricky at first), the game will load Akumajou Dracula Peke.

    • Maria Secret Attack

      Quickly press Up, Down, Front and Attack (the same as Alucard’s Hellfire) and Maria will give her secret attack.

    • No Damage Bonus

      If you go through any stage without getting hit (getting hit and then regaining energy does not count), you will get 1-UP when the level ends.

    • Peke

      Boot up your TCD add-on with the wrong system card in your turbo grafx; this will load a secret mini-game.

    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Cheats


    • New Game Bonuses

      Begin a new file with the following names:

      Effect Password
      Play as Richter Belmont. Requires a CLEAR savegame (beat Dracula in the Reverse Castle) RICHTER
      Start the game with 99 Luck and a Lapis Lazuli ring (for another +20 Luck) in the inventory. Other stats will be lower, making the game harder. X-X!V”Q
      Start the game with the Axe Lord Armor in the inventory. Requires a CLEAR savegame (beat Dracula in the Reverse Castle) AXEARMOR


    • Invincible Alucard

      You will need the Walk Armor, Sword Card, and Soul of Wolf. Go to the room where you can see a save point and do the "Sword Brothers". Then, immediately go to the save point and press Up + R2 so that you can save the game as a Wolf. Immediately save the game as the Sword Familiar starts spinning. Once you see the "Data Saved" message, hold Select + Start to reset the game, then load your saved file. If done correctly, your map will be glitched and the rooms you have previously visited will have disappeared. However, your completion will remain as it is. You must cover the rooms you have done before. The Walk Armor’s defense will increase as your completion also increases. The more rooms to cover, the stronger the Walk Armor’s defense will become. Repeat this until the Walk Armor becomes very strong. At this point the highest damage that Alucard will ever receive is 1 (except spikes), and he will be immune to all types of sickness except for stone. Alucard will not be pushed away, even if he is being attacked by enemies. Also, if Alucard gets hit while he is in Bat or Wolf form, he will remain in that form as if nothing hit him.

    • Invincible Alucard (and invisible)

      Required things for this Glitch:

      An AxeLord Armor
      A Library card

      Wear a normal armor and equip the Library card. Activate the library card and then equip AxeLord armor while the Beam of light is still on you and then go back to a normal armor. Once the screen goes completely white, walk into another room, and if it worked well, Alucard is now Invisible and Invincible. This glitch will end if transform into anything, teleport, re-equip the AxeLord Armor, or do anything that will remake Alucard’s sprite.

    • Keep the Alucard Sword, Alucard Shield, etc.

      To keep your default inventory instead of losing the gear to Death, proceed right until you reach the room just before Death for the first time. Kill the first two Wargs (Giant Wolves) and then jump over the third, but don’t kill it. Unequip all of your items, EXCEPT the Lapis Lazuli, and continue. Jump into the last Warg and if you’ve done this correctly you’ll be sent flying across the next screen, past Death and into the next room, with all of your equipment!

    • Max Money With Librarian and Sword Familiar (PS Version)

      <p />Required Items/skills<p />-Sword Familiar
      -Gem of any type (Diamond is best choice)
      -Enough mana to cast sword brothers spell (50 MP)<p />Sword Brothers spell: <p />Enable The Sword Card Familiar
      Press the Directional Pad D, DF, F, UF, U(hold UP 2 seconds) D + Attack<p />Make your way to the Librarians room. Stand near him, but not so you enter
      his menu’s. Cast the sword brothers spell. As the sword starts to spin,
      Walk towards the librarian and enter his menu’s. Sell off all but 1 of any
      single gem. Press start to enter into alucards menu while still in the
      librarian menu’s. (Casting of the sword brothers spell allowed you to enter
      your menu’s while in the librarian’s menu’s) Have Alucard equip the last gem
      of the chosen type. Return to the librarian’s menu’s and sell the last gem
      to the librarian. Since the gem was removed and you sold something you didnt
      have for sale, The game drops the count of that gem to 255. Sell off extra
      gems to max out your money. I suggest using the diamond to get your money
      the fastest.

    • Richter Warping Glitch

      To activate this glitch, you have to be playing as Richter, and must be in the Inverted Castle Keep. Once you reach the Inverted Castle, advance to the left, until you reach the broken staircase. Using Richter’s uppercut move (down, up + jump), jump up through the broken staircase. At the top, where the statues are, there will be a door to the left. Advance through the door. There will be two elevator platforms in the room. When you reach the top, take the door to the right. While going through the hallway, there will be risen platforms on the floor, and coffins to fight through. When you reach the last risen platform on the floor, stand to the right of it, and push up. This will warp you back to the normal castle.

    • Sword Brothers chapel glitch

      This glitch can bring your map coverage percentage up to 215.3%, though it’s not easy to cover that much. You need the Sword familiar, at level 90 or higher, and the Soul of Bat. Go to the bottom-left corner of the first bell tower. Walk to the bottom left exit and cast the Sword Brothers spell. While the spell is being cast, transform into a bat and charge to the left. If done correctly, you should exit outside of the castle. This can also be done in the Anti-Chapel.

    • Walk through walls

      ALL of these items are required!
      1. 2 Heart Refreshes
      2. Ability to jump in mid air
      3. Duplicator<p />Ok, first equip both your heart refreshes (one on square, the other on circle), and equip duplicator. Now, jump into a doorway as close as you can WITHOUT GOING TO THE NEXT ROOM, When you think your about as far as you go, use a heart refresh, immediately after it was used use the other one, What excactly you do is keep on pressing one button after the other,(ex: first square then press circle after the first heart refresh cinematic) Keep on doing this, until you can see your cape ‘in’ the floor. You can accsess the secret save area under the platform at the front gate as well as explore glitch areas in the game.


    • All Endings

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Bad Ending Defeat Richter, while wearing the glasses Maria gave you.
      Best Ending In the battle with Richter, wear the glasses Maria gave you and defeat the green specter. After completing both castles with a percentage of at least 196, defeat the final boss.
      Good Ending In the battle with Richter, wear the glasses Maria gave you and defeat the green specter. After completing both castles with a percentage below 195, defeat the final boss.
      Worst Ending Defeat Richter, but don’t wear the glasses Maria gave you.
    • Unlockables

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Duplicator Visit the Master Librarian with a CLEAR savegame and he’ll sell this item for $500.000
      Ring of Varda Find and kill the Parantrophus enemies using a CLEAR savegame.
      Skip dialogues (by pressing START button) Start a new game with a CLEAR savegame in the Memory Card.
      Sound Test Visit the Master Librarian after beating Dracula, and you’ll be able to listen to all the music in the Buy/Sell window.
      Time Attack (Pause menu option) Start a new game with a CLEAR savegame in the Memory Card. It displays what time you defeated the bosses and received special items.
      Voice Actor Interviews Visit the Master Librarian after beating Dracula. This is available only in the Japanese version.

    Easter Eggs

    • A Message from Alucard and a Hidden Song

      Place the Castlevania: SotN CD-ROM into your CD Player (or use the player built into your Playstation). Listen to track 2; Alucard will explain what track 1 is, and an extra song will be played.

    • Moving Loading Screen

      During any loading screen, move the D-pad to warp the words.

    • The Fairy Familiar’s Song (JP Version Only)

      After you’ve leveled up the Fairy Familiar to level 8, find a chair and have Alucard sit down. Equip the Fairy, but don’t get up from the chair. If you wait about 30 seconds, the Fairy will land on Alucard’s shoulder and rest. If you wait for a full minute, the music will suddenly change to a different track, and she’ll start singing. If Alucard gets up, the Fairy will be startled, and the normal music will resume.


    • Alucart Mode

      First, grab the Stopwatch special item and be able to double jump. Go the the Giant Clock in the Marble Gallery. Activate the Stopwatch (Up + Square/Circle) and go the the upper-right path that you just opened. Grab the three items to the right which are the Alucart Sword, Alucart Shield, and Alucart Mail.

      Equip all three and you will enter Alucart Mode. In this mode, your luck will increase by 30 and enemies will now drop $250 bags wherever you go. The $250 bags are rare, but they will drop from any enemy, just like the $1, $25, $50, and $100 bags.

    • Dual Heaven Sword Combo

      When you use the Heaven Sword, Alucard normally throws the sword in front of him. If you have two of them, however, you can perform a secret attack. Have a Heaven Sword equipped to both attack buttons, then press both buttons at the same time. One Heaven Sword will have the normal animation, while the other will spin around in an arc behind Alucard and rack up additional hits.

    • Hidden items under Librarian’s chair

      Once you acquire the gravity boots, go to the area beneath the Librarian’s room. Stand under the hole in the ceiling and use the gravity boots to knock his chair up into the air. The first time you do this, you’ll get a Life Max Up pot. After that you have a random chance to get one of three other items: Dracula’s Tunic, Axelord Armor, and a Rind of Arcana. The order in which you get them is random, as is the chance of getting any item at all. To greatly improve your chances, use the boots to repeatedly knock his chair up without touching the ground or making him hit the ceiling.

    • Secret Area

      You must be playing as Richter for this to work. Begin a new game. Once you gain control of Richter (which is when he walks through the front gate) turn around and do a ground slide (hold down and hit X). If you were fast enough, you should have slid behind the gate before it completely closed. Go left and you will be outside the castle. go further and the drawbridge will close, but ou will still be able to go further. Keep heading left. You will walk on an extremely large path on the groud until you reach the forest. You will see Richter walking through it like Alucard in the beggining of the game. You then see Richter jump over the closing drawbridge and say &quot;Holy Cross&quot;. You are now behind the gate again. NOTE: If you go to the secret area, you will not be able to get in the castle.

    • Start the game with items

      To start the game with a Heart Refresh, you need to use up every single heart you have in the Prologue.

      To start with a Neutron bomb, you must collect 15 MORE hearts (you start with 30, so you will end up with at least 45) in the prologue.

      To start with a potion, you need to have full life at the end of the battle (this also works if you lose and let Maria bring you to full HP).

    • Start With Better Stats

      If you beat Dracula at the start of the game with Richter without getting any sub-weapons (you can however push triangle to ignite Richter’s whip on fire) AND without getting hit you start the game off with Alucard with the following stats: HP: 80, MP: 20, HEART: 50, STR: 9, CON: 8, INT: 8, LCK: 12. Normally you start the game off with: HP: 70, MP: 20, HEART: 50, STR: 7, CON: 7, INT: 6, LCK: 8.

    Enemy/Boss Tips

    • Beat Granfaloon Quick!

      When you get to Granfaloon’s room, first use bat form to fly to the west side of the room. Once there, stand on the lower ledge. When the boss is at it’s highest height, equip the Shield Rod and the Skull Shield. Use the Shield Combo attack by pressing both Square and Circle at the same. The ray that appears will kill the boss with one shot. Enjoy!

    • Defeating Galamoth Easily

      Galamoth is one of the biggest and strongest bosses in the game. However, he can be surprisingly easy to take down. When you’re facing him, simply use the Form of Mist to fly through him, and then land on the small ledge in back of his head. If you keep hitting him, he’ll never get the opportunity at attack. To make things even easier, you can equip the Beryl Circlet, which absorbs Galamoth’s electrical attacks and turns it into HP.

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