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BFV Online Not Terrible, But Not Great Either

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    Battlefield V

    Rating: 2.5 – Playable

    BFV Online Not Terrible, But Not Great Either

    After playing the deluxe edition for 2 weeks now, my conclusion is that Battlefield V is closer to a generic FPS with 64 players than it is an exciting all-out-war that Battlefield has sometimes been in the past.

    As it stands now, without the battle royale mode until March, you are really just playing another FPS with the name,"Battlefield" attached to it. Same old modes, same exact experiences as before…except you obviously have to fork out some more cash.

    My main gripe with the game is that certain weapon types have limited effectiveness range and are essentially not worth using over other guns, resulting in every playstyle typically associated with those guns being rendered useless. I am mainly talking about the medic class and the recon bolt actions.

    The medic class has smg’s, which usually are great at short range, and the bolt actions snipers, which usually reward skilled players with OHK’s at various ranges, and sometimes just require a pistol shot to complete the kill.

    My experience in Battlefield V with the medic class has been such: the smgs can win the close range battles if you play very defensively, but they get out classed very quickly by guns with multi-range capabilities, like lmgs, ARs, or some DMR’s. The medic class, as a whole, is fine from a leaderboard scoring standpoint, but lacks offensive firepower that top players require.

    The recon class, however, is extremely nerfed on PS4. The bolt action hit boxes are very small, the bullet drop is real, they purposely cannot OHK at close range, and some require more than one pistol shot to complete a kill. You also cannot use a flare and a spawn beacon together, severely limiting the ease-of-use of the class altogether. The recon class is, in my view, only good for the following: 1)small game modes and maps where a well-placed spawn beacon can exploit narrowed spawn options, and 2) extremely casual fun for those who have no intention of contributing to the outcome of a game. The model-8 and ZH-r7 are great 2HK guns in most situations, but the bolt actions are extremely nerfed and cannot compete with the other 3 classes for kills and scoring.

    I am not saying these classes are always inferior in every game mode/ map, but that the frequency of the other classes’ prominence (especially assault) in kills and scoring is noticeable. If you cannot kill at medium range, you will be forced to camp and not ptfo, or try to rush and die to the very quick TTD.

    Also, gameplay is basically the same as past battlefields: you capture flags as a team, move onto the next one, and never defend. If you defend a flag, you will likely run into a mass of enemies,die, and not get the easy capture points you get from only capturing as a large group.

    There are some positives that I truly appreciate:

    1)matchmaking is faster, 2)there is a better gun variety than launch BF1, 3)most of the maps have dense cover and useful destruction, and 4) vehicles are not overpowered.

    Conclusion: Battlefield has a serious playstyle variety problem that stems from its slight weapon imbalance and quick TTD. If you like flanking, or playing defensively and killing people at medium range, this game is for you. If you like a shooter with some aggressive,in-your-face mechanics, this is definitely not the game for you. It rewards none of that. I suggest waiting until March 2019 to buy this game, when you will finally get to play the Firestorm game mode. Otherwise, there really isn’t much to distinguish this game from literally any other FPS out there. Yes, bigger servers and maps, but what you ultimately end up doing in-game is essentially the same as any other FPS. If you are new to the FPS or Battlefield scene, it offers enough to be fun. If you are an experienced FPS/BF player, you have probably played more fun games in the past.


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