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Better than the last Titanfall map pack, but still not worth the price

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    Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Better than the last Titanfall map pack, but still not worth the price

    Frontier’s Edge is the second of three planned map packs for Titanfall. Frontier’s Edge adds three new maps. Two of them are take it or leave it, but one of them is easily one of the best Titanfall maps made to date. The free updates for the game are still worth more than the paid map packs unfortunately.

    Speaking of the free updates, I feel that it’s worth mentioning since the second major free update for Titanfall coincided with this map pack. This second update added a new feature called the Black Market. This introduced a currency system to the game. You can sell burn cards and buy burn card packs to get cards specifically tailored to the way that you play the game. You’re still inundated with burn cards regardless, so I wish there were more interesting things to purchase from there. The other option is to purchase new Titan emblems, but those things are completely useless and are hardly even visible on your Titan anyway.

    The three new maps are Dig Site, Export, and Haven. Dig Site and Export are not very significant. They are fine, but they aren’t very memorable, Export especially. Dig Site at least benefits from having some interesting imagery, such as a giant drill that is actively digging through the Earth as you play the game.

    Export seems like a generic map that is just going to get lost in the shuffle with the other Titanfall maps. However, it does have a new gimmick that separates it from the other maps at least. This gimmick is that you can shoot large wires found on the map that will then create electrical currents at key areas that work as traps that can get you extra kills. Hopefully future maps also have some gimmicks like this to spice up the action a bit.

    Haven, however, is an excellent map and it provides some of the most exciting Titanfall experiences possible. It is one of the smallest maps that there is, which means that the already fast-paced Titanfall gameplay is made even faster. Haven also has an interesting visual design. It takes place at a beach-front hotel, which allows for more colors than typical Titanfall maps.

    As a big fan of the core Titanfall experience, I can’t help but being somewhat disappointed with these map packs. This second map pack is a step better, but I still don’t feel that it’s quite worth the price of admission. The free updates to the game are far more enticing. Titanfall needs a shot in the arm to keep it in my disc tray, and these map packs, while good distractions for a little bit, aren’t substantial enough to keep me playing.

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