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Be the Dragonborn

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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Be the Dragonborn

    I have both the PSVR and the Oculus Rift. Before getting this, my favorite VR game was Elite Dangerous on the Rift using the Hotas 4 flight sticks. The immersion was unparalleled. Skyrim VR is now my favorite VR game. It has a lot to do with how much I love the game to begin with and how much time I’ve spent in Skyrim on a regular TV. The amount of times I wished I could walk around in that world; and now I’m doing exactly just that.

    I’m an old gamer that has been playing videogames since the Atari 2600. Every system I’ve owned since then has utilized a variation of the same input method; a regular controller with buttons that represent what you will do in the game world. Titles like Elite Dangerous (played with flight sticks) and Skyrim VR (with move controllers) are game changers. They literally change the way games are played. The disconnection I’ve always felt using a regular controller has been removed. I’m in the game world and my movements directly translate to what I’m seeing.

    Graphically, Skyrim VR is great looking for a VR game especially on the PSVR. But, as most of us know, Skyrim is all about the game world and content. This is a huge open world that lets you travel around freely using free movement (teleportation is available for the motion sickness prone players). If you can handle it, I definitely recommend free movement using the move controllers. I increased the amount of gradual turning in order to make it as close to smooth turning as possible and decreased the amount of movement when using snap turns. After a few hours, I was dodging attacks, sword fighting and getting head shots with my bow like it was second nature.

    In regards to the combat, I can only speak on melee and archery. Melee is great once you’ve upgraded your character a bit in whatever melee style you’ve picked. At first, it feels kind of a mess due to the level of your character. Not all your swings will register because of the "skill" of your character and you have to be more deliberate in your movements (ie., swing slower). After I upgraded my one-handed skill and also putting a point in to dual wielding to make it register faster swings, everything felt more natural and the one-to-one movement as the system intended became more prevalent. I feel like such a bad ass dual wielding and it’s my favorite way to take enemies out. I’ve trained in Eskrima (Kali) in real life; using those moves and seeing them translate on screen killing an enemy is completely satisfying and amazingly fun. Archery is equally fun especially once you’ve upgraded your skill to include, basically, a laser pointer and also slow down time when aiming with it. There’s nothing in any game I’ve played that compares in intensity to taking out 4 or 5 enemies or a huge bear running at you using your bow / arrow in slow motion.

    Also, Aela the Huntress in a Forsworn outfit in VR.

    Get this game now!

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