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Battlefield Veteran’s Point-of-View

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    Battlefield V

    Rating: 5.0 – Flawless

    Battlefield Veteran’s Point-of-View

    Just bought Battlefield V. Here are my initial thoughts…

    Battlefield V (BF5) takes much of the best of the earlier installments, adds a few new items, and brings all together for some very fun gameplay.

    Graphics: I have a 1080p TV, and the graphics are incredible at that level. As for those having a 4K TV, I can only imagine how much better BF5 looks for them. As for in-game issues, I have noticed a rare pop-up in the distance, but absolutely nothing that detracts from game play or enjoyment.

    Audio: Game sounds are crisp, clear and are accurate to the action(s) being performed and/or surrounding the gamer’s character.

    Gameplay: Easy pick-up-and-go gaming with a few sub-menus to access by pressing the "Y" or LB + RB buttons. The "Y" buttion accesses the soldier actions menu where one can send a messgae, give an order, and request supplies/health paks. The LB + RB (press together) brings up the call-in menu. This menu brings up the menu of items that a squad’s team leader can call in to assist in the battle – should the squad have earned enough squad points. The points are earned by just working together as a squad. The items that can be called in range from a supply drop, anti-tank halftrack, tank (w/ flamethrower) or a buzz bomb that will clear a large area of enemies (if aimed right).

    Reviving allies is now open to anyone within the same squad, and only a ‘Medic’ class soldier can revive allied soldiers outside of their own squad.

    Non-‘Recon" class soldiers can spot the enemy’s last know position only (you can re-spot anytime, but without post-spot tracking ability), while "Recon’ class soldiers have the sole capability to display current and post-spot continued enemy movement. This is helpful when your squad is attempting to clear an area of enemy that may be somewhat hidden and/or lying in wait in difficult terrain.

    Campaign: The BF5 campaign is comprised of a series of 4 playable ‘War Stories’ – lesser known, but quite important, missions that occurred during WWII. The cutscenes are well crafted and thoroughly explain each mission. There are side-mission collectables and tasks to address (if you wish), but the main task is usually quite involved – taking much focus and, depending upon how you approach it, much time. The ‘War Stories’ are to help build your player stats, so that you may level up without having to play from a low-level soldier in multiplayer.

    Multi-player Online: There are many multiplayer online game types to choose. My personal preference is ‘Conquest’. In this mode, you will take control, and attempt to retain, hold over a specific area. The longer you retain each position, the more tickets click off your opponent’s counter. Shooting the enemy also removes tickets from your opponent’s counter, as well. The first team to run out of tickets is declared ‘defeated’.


    1) Controls are very similar to past versions in the Battlefield franchise – easy to pick-up-and-play

    2) Graphics and audio spot on – just incredible!

    3) Countless hours of replayability in both campaign and multiplayer

    4) Just plain fun…


    No real issues

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