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Batman Arkham Knight ends the amazing series with a boom.

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    Batman: Arkham Knight

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Batman Arkham Knight ends the amazing series with a boom.

    Batman Arkham Knight enters the world as the fourth installment after Arkham Orgins, Asylum, and City. Although it had been awhile since we last picked up on the Arkham City story, they start out by a good introduction into the current crisis in Arkham. Right off the start of the first few minutes you learn about the new disaster spreading throughout the city. This is where we learn about our main villains Arkham Knight and Scarecrow. arkham knight 1

    Soon after diving deeper into the story we are introduced to the Batmobile. This was the newest feature for Arkham Knight. Early on, we notice that the views are absolutely gorgeous and were well worth the wait for the next gen consoles. The movement of the Batmobile is very smooth and agile. After your introduction and tutorials you’re thrown into a small battle with your Batmobile. Initial reactions to this new style of fighting is amazing and exciting. I found myself wanting to continue most of the story in the car, rather than on foot. Throughout the story mode I had conflicting opinions about the battles. I discovered myself scorning the fighting in the Batmobile. Besides the increased difficulty with the various size of your opponent, it became very tedious to continue through a fight with over 50 drones (opponents tanks). I did enjoy using it for various story objectives because of the vast amounts of gadgets it had. While the maneuverability, weapon display, and armor on your Batmobile made it relatively easy to advance through a battle, it seemed unimportant and more arcade stylish in my opinion. Of course the views and displays of explosions were beautiful to watch.

    You’ll notice early in the game through the progress tracker that much of the story mode is very fast to complete. This gave me an accomplished feeling early on but rather sad that this next gen game lacked the extra story mode compared to other open world titles. Nonetheless, throughout your story mode endeavor you will discover various side missions. These missions were relatively easy to find when the story mode guiding you to the area of the next mission, otherwise you could find yourself flying around trying to find clues (no complaints with a huge map). Keeping that in mind, after every story mode mission I tried to find other side missions that I could accomplish in my vicinity. This part of the game was amazing due to the diverse selection of your missions and the introduction to some of our favorite Arkham characters. The Riddler missions are the hardest to accomplish and could lead you to tons of extra hours worth of gameplay. I found myself enjoying his riddles the best and working together with Catwoman. All the extra characters you’ll find throughout the side missions will give you tons of adventures and side plots to the story that create extra excitement for the game(Two face, Penguin man, Joker, Robin, Catwoman, Riddler, etc).

    Lastly, the fighting in Batman Arkham Knight saves the games enjoyment. Although it feels flawless after your first few hours of gameplay, there are various moments where I bit my tongue after your commands weren’t working properly. Otherwise, you feel like you’re actually in the fighting with the sounds of Batman’s hard punches and his special moves. These create exciting moments throughout the game to pursue various fights. With Batman’s variety of gadgets we can use, it creates many alternatives to how we want to knock out our opponents. Throughout the story you will find yourself increasing your knowledge on how to fight and defeat your opponent.

    I barely found myself biting my tongue at the fighting which saved this game in my opinion from the tedious new Batmobile fighting. Although the Batmobile was very fun to drive and use in the story mode, 70+ drone battles just seemed long and dry to defeat your opponent. The difficulty wasn’t the hard part in the Batmobile fighting, but the amounts of drones and small fighting locations would create difficult situations. I loved that Rocksteady has finally included this into the game and it made the game feel more open with the diverse side missions. The fighting mechanism was top notch for Batman and quickly reassured me why their previous titles were so successful.

    Final Verdict
    I completed the main story mode and 61% of the total game in just under 20 hours of gameplay. This felt somewhat accomplishing, but somewhat sad that this game ending so quickly. If this is indeed Rocksteady’s last Batman video game,they left with a huge title. With the addition of the Batmobile and over 30+ hours (all side mission included) of Batman, it will leave fans satisfied for the summer months. My pros for this video game title heavily outweigh their minor cons. For Batman fans that are on the edge of buying this title, I’d say it’s a must buy. Those who want to pursue an adventurous fighting game that aren’t large Batman fans can definitely delay Batman for a price reduction in my opinion. The story mode will keep you very interested, as well as the various characters and side plots you’ll face in the side missions. Rocksteady left their series by giving the fans a beautiful and stunning display of the Batman we always imagined, loved, and enjoyed.

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