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Batman: Arkham Knight – Bringing the Legend to a Close…

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    Batman: Arkham Knight

    Rating: 5.0 – Flawless

    Batman: Arkham Knight – Bringing the Legend to a Close…

    Batman: Arkham Knight, as you probably, was released in late June of this year. Batman’s video game reputation was thought to be unrecoverable, it had been so thoroughly tarnished, it was pretty hard to believe that it could ever make a comeback (however, Superman’s video game reputation was far worse). But that was 6 years ago. Before Rocksteady Studios brought us Batman: Arkham Asylum. The company had made a game before, but it hadn’t really been recognized by gamers. Arkham Asylum, however, was a completely different story. It was practically an instant classic. Then, 2 years later (2011), Rocksteady gave us Batman: Arkham City. That game was flawless. It was the perfect Batman game. It had a gripping story, amazing gameplay, and classic Batman villains like Hugo Strange, Joker, Ra’s al Ghul, and even Bane were present in Arkham City. Then, Rocksteady started working on the next game: Batman: Arkham Knight. It was originally supposed to come out in October of 2014, but it got delayed until June 2, 2015, and then again to June 23. Now, 4 years is a pretty big gap, so WB Games Montreal tried to shorten the waiting time with Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, and those games were not even close to what Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were. I mean, Arkham City almost gave the Call of Duty series a run for their money, but compared to that, Arkham Origins and Blackgate were crap. We can’t really blame Rocksteady, because they didn’t make the game, so logically, we would expect Batman: Arkham Knight to be one of the best games in all of history. Rocksteady didn’t disappoint.

    The plot of Arkham Knight revolves on Scarecrow’s plan to detonate a bomb which would fill the entire East Coast of the United States with fear gas. It’s up to Batman to stop him.

    The game starts with the Joker being cremated. You actually get to push the button and burn the Joker (he was killed in Arkham City). Then, the flames burst and the game turns to a black screen with a burning bat. Then, Jim Gordon gives the most awesome voice-over line of all time: This is how it happened. This is how the Batman died. Those lines hinted that the Batman would meet his end at the end of the game. As the game starts, Gordon explains how after the Joker’s death, Gotham had never felt safer, and for a year, Gotham’s crime rate was almost nonexistent. Then, the player gets to play as a police officer in a diner. A civilian comes up to you, and tells you that some guy is smoking in the back, and asks you to take care of him. Obviously, you go up to him and tell him that he can’t be smoking. Suddenly, the man turns around and it’s revealed that he wasn’t smoking tobacco, but rather fear toxin, which in turn affected everyone else in the diner. As everyone starts attacking each other, you pull your handgun out of its holster and shoot as many people as you can. This scene (although bloodless) looks nothing like a scene out of a Batman video game, but rather out of Call of Duty or Battlefield. After you run out of bullets, one of the people starts attacking you, and either knocks you out or kills you (it’s not made clear). The game displays a video of the Scarecrow telling the people of Gotham to either evacuate the city, unite with the villains, or die.

    The gameplay in the game is amazing, the graphics are perfect, and the story is pretty great. There are very few negative things I could say about this game, but there are still some flaws to the game. One of the major flaws being the Batgirl DLC. Again, we can’t really blame Rocksteady for this, because the Batgirl DLC was made by the same people that made Arkham Origins: WB Games Montreal. It hasn’t been revealed who will develop the remaining Gotham City Stories, but we hope for Rocksteady to do the rest. There are numerous glitches, for example a glitch that if you switch costumes before the end of the game, the Arkham Knight batsuit displays no damage. Another when if a goon is right next to a specific building and you glide kick the goon, you glitch through the walls. Anyway, this game definitely deserves a 9/10 rating. Rocksteady has delivered a brilliant Batman game, and definitely my pick for Game of the Year. The DLC skins that have already been released and the ones that are yet to be released look amazing. They’re from brilliant comic book stories, including The Dark Knight Returns, Noel, and Justice League 3000. This game will be remembered for many years to come as one of the best Xbox One games of all time.

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