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    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding


    This game is a next gen masterpiece. Especially for the Xbox One! The gameplay and mechanics make the game seem like a cross species of the games :Borderlands, Halo, World of Warcraft and Skyrim.

    The inventory system in this game is cool. Any time you want, you can stop and customise your gun load outs, armour, appearance or even vehicle! Also your controller acts like a mouse cursor in all the menus which really isn’t used enough in console games.

    Your level is very important in Destiny. It is the boastful factor of the game and makes you want to play more to be better than your friends, unfortunately the level cap is too low, it stretches to around level 29. This is a shame because hardcore gamers who want to fully complete the game can do this in a shorter amount of time then it should, in a game like Destiny, you should be able to get to level 100!!

    The enemies on Destiny are an awesome part of the game. They range from puny goblin like creatures to giant titans that crush you if you get near them. The enemies are very realistic in movement and graphics and are scary enough to keep you on your toes in dark places. The smaller enemies are a bit like the enemies from Halo.

    As usual in most online games, the multiplayer is one of the biggest part of any game. In Destiny’s case, the player versus player mode is called Crucible and of course the campaign is co-op too. The only problem with multiplayer is the fact that if you are a high level, you are better then anyone lower level than you. This is an annoying problem because if you have just started playing Destiny, you cant jump straight into multiplayer like you might do in another game ,however there should be a bonus for those who have made the effort to get to a high level so I can’t blame Bungie for making this decision. Apart from this, the multi player is one of the best I have seen in a long time!

    Music is a big part of Destiny. The best music usually plays while you are battling a boss. The boss battle music makes the fight with the boss so much better! It’s like your watching a movie! The menu music is good too, it sounds like the soundtrack from Forza 5.

    I would recommend this game to anyone who has an Xbox One! The graphics are amazing, the story is great and the game has an swift feel to it. Good job Bungie!!

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