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Assassin's Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones Review

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    Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Assassin's Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones Review

    The Hidden Ones is a solid story DLC that although isn’t too unique and long is still some good fun.

    Starting off players will get a letter asking them to come to the Sinai, the new region. Players fast travel there and get a nice intro where we see Bayek 4 years after the main story. We see the actual start of the Creed and how it’s organised and it’s interesting seeing how everything fell into place in order to form the Creed we know and love. The story revolves around a Roman general causing trouble in the Sinai and Bayek has to lure him out and kill him. It’s quite bland at the start and doesn’t do anything new however towards the end it gets a tad bit more interesting with a somewhat interesting twist. It also has a boss fight that feels distinct from the others (excluding the trials of the Gods) and is actually quite challenging. Overall though the story isn’t very interesting and takes about 4 or so hours to complete.

    As for the new region, it’s a lot of fun to explore. It’s made up of four regions connected together and each one is fairly small. It’s probabaly about the size of two regions in the main game. It’s an interesting place to explore and ranges from quarries, deconstructed towns and an oasis. There’s some very cool things to find, some disturbing too, that make exploring the new region a blast. I found myself travelling to a lot of question marks this time round as each one often marked a very unique place. The map also has more sidequests (10-15 around about), fortresses, stone circles and more. It also brings back the Phylakes idea but with bounty hunters instead. This sidequest was an enjoyable one as the end to it wraps up well and has ties to the main game which I enjoyed. Overall, the map is great and has lots of things to do.

    Ending it all off, there’s new weapons, gear upgrades (e.g quiver, bracer etc) and 5 more levels. Some of the weapons I came across were very good and I think will be great for high level players. The new gear upgrades also bring an incentive back to hunting and help players to be able to fight the higher level enemies around the map too. As for the levels, they’re nothing more than a visual upgrade. They don’t actually do anything considering you would gain skill points each time you got to the end of level 40 again however it’s still nice to see the 45 instead of the 40 now.

    All in all, The Hidden Ones is a pretty good DLC. I’ve played about 7 hours and have had a good time playing it. It’s nothing too different from the main game however if you enjoyed the main game then that isn’t a bad thing and I would recommend you spend the £10 or buy the season pass to get it.

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