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Another great party game for PS4

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    That’s You!

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Another great party game for PS4

    That’s You (stylized as That’s You!) is a PS4 party game for up to six players that uses cellphones or tablets as the main controller input method. It was even free for a period of time on PlayStation Plus, to encourage more people to pick it up. Even though it was free, the game would have been worth paying a few bucks for, as it is legitimately one of the most entertaining party games available on the PS4.

    In That’s You, players are first asked to take a selfie, which can be edited with a number of goofy filters. Afterwards, they are asked to compete against each other. Most of the questions in the game revolve around embarrassing or strange things someone would do, and players pick the participant that it fits the most. People with duplicates will get points, and can bet on themselves to double their point total using Joker chips.

    Being strategic with Joker chips is key to success in That’s You, though the later stages of the game increase the point values so much that even those in dead last can quickly jump ahead.

    Besides the aforementioned question answering, players are sometimes asked to draw on their touchscreen on pictures taken of other players. This adds a goofy element to the game and likely a lot of vulgarity. Like most party games, having a solid group of friends that are fun to play this with is key to whether or not you will enjoy it.

    There aren’t many complaints that I have about That’s You. It gets the job done as a party game, and functioned perfectly fine with the different phones and tablets me and my group of friend used to play it. The app that you have to download wants a lot of permissions and seems a little invasive, but it’s not all that much worse than a lot of other mobile apps on the market.

    Another minor complaint is that the themes repeat too quickly. There’s not a ton of content here, though playing with a different number of players yields different areas and questions. Even so, the game can get old because of this.

    That’s You is a decent party game and can be a blast with the right group of people. It may not have quite as much content as one would hope and the app that is required is a little invasive, but otherwise it’s easy to jump in and start having fun with friends.

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