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Anime girls shooting zombies. This should’ve been better…

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    SG/ZH: School Girl Zombie Hunter

    Rating: 1.5 – Bad

    Anime girls shooting zombies. This should’ve been better…

    In the late 2000’s and early 2010’s, zombies were dominating the gaming industry. By the late 2010’s, they’ve become more of a repetitive trend that some developers are desperate to continue milking as long as possible until the cow is dead. Trends can still make for great products if effort is put into them, but effort is not a word that I’d use to describe this game. Zombie Hunter School Girl is the product that catches onto a hype train too late and hopes that it’s premise alone will gain some notoriety. There is hardly any solid aspect about this game.


    Right away the game lets you know that the story is as straightforward as it gets. School is full of zombies, go kill them. Well, that’s what the narrative actually sums up to. Unfortunately, the game takes a while to explain that very simple concept. The game starts off with a five-minute overdramatic cutscene that repeats itself over and over through the first girl that you control. ¡°Zombies¡­ so many zombies! Where did they come from! Oh no, there are even more! I must help! They are already inside! Oh no, that’s a lot of zombies! What can I do?¡± I found out really quickly that despite having as cookie-cutter a plot as you can imagine, this game loves to have extremely drawn-out scenes that get as over-the-top as a soap opera. I ended skipping a lot of these because they just go on and on about the same little pointless details. We’re here to shoot zombies, not talk about who’s smarter in which school subject. These cutscenes are of no substance, and they just take up way too much time. The five girls themselves are more annoying than anything. I don’t feel any level of investment in any of them, mainly due to how cringe-worthy and overblown the dialogue scenes are.


    As for the gameplay, it’s simplistic yet poorly designed. There are hordes of slow-moving zombies along with some running zombies, and you need to shoot them all down. There’s nothing really special or unique to mention. You just run from area to the next, mowing down the seemingly endless horde of zombies until you either reach your destination or achieve whatever objective is laid out for you. Each different girl you play as has their own specialties, like being skill at kendo and handguns or shotguns and martial arts. There are a couple different types of missions such as defend the base, survival, and retrieving items. However, they all just revolve around shooting a bunch of the same enemies. Survival and Defend the base are sometimes okay, but they still get mundane pretty quick.

    There are some additional items you can use such as tripwires and AED’s or hand grenades, but I rarely find any need for them. There’s little actually strategy required in this game, and aside from occasionally putting a tripwire across a doorway there’s not much purpose. You can discard your clothes and run around in a bikini in order to distract the zombies¡­ for what that’s worth. It just boils down to mindlessly head-shooting massive hordes of zombies, and it gets repetitive very quickly with no real level of satisfaction.

    The controls suffer from being stiff and having some bad delays. Aiming in this game is more of a pain that it should be considering how slow the enemies are moving, and when aiming up your aim isn’t even properly centered on the reticle. After a while you can get used to it, but it never feels natural. Whenever you zoom in, open fire, jump, or pretty much do any action there’s a very noticeable delay before you regain control of your character’s motion. This is a major annoyance, because the lag that occurs between commands takes away any possibility for tight control. It always feels like your fighting the mechanics just as much as the actual zombies.


    Graphically the game is subpar. The character models look like a little too much like stiff plastic figures that have badly animated motions, and the hair is little too shiny and flat. The zombies are¡­ zombies. Basic looking zombies, nothing more or less. The overall visual aesthetic of the game is on the bland side. There’s a real lack of detail in the levels, and some areas just look completely¡­ barren. Effects are nothing special either. The gory aspect of this zombie game is kind of a letdown. The blood effects look rather cheap and fake. Of course, you have the fan-service aspect of this game where the playable girls can run around in revealing bikinis or other costumes. The problem is that with how poor the characters are modeled there’s not much to be gained in that department. Even if just looking at the anime girls is the key factor for you, it’s going to be a disappointment.


    If there’s a good point to this game, I will say that the music is pretty good. It’s nothing exceptional but it’s easily the highlight of the game. There’s some enjoyable rock music and some groovy techno-style tunes that are rather enjoyable to listen to. It’s easily the main thing that kept me playing through this game as long as I did, as the rest was ranging from mediocre to bad. The sound effects are pretty stock, on the flip-side. Neither firearms nor melee attacks sound like they have any real impact to them.


    In summary, this game is basically a tired formula with a lot of poor designs that tries to use fanservice as its crutch and fails. Most of the game is riddled with issues. The cutscenes are too long, the characters are way too dramatic in presentation, the visuals are mediocre at best, there’s nothing interesting to the game mechanics, and the controls are not good at all. This feel like a rushed product with little to no effort placed into it. If all you want is some mindless zombie action with friends you might get a bit of fun out of it, but that’s a stretch. There are better action games, better zombie games, better co-op games, and better anime-style games out there. This game really has nothing going for it.

    Story: 2/10

    Gameplay/Controls: 3/10

    Graphics: 4/10

    Music/Sound: 6/10

    Replay value: 3/10

    Final score: 3/10

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