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And we all had a blast. Not.

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    Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Episode 3: Judgment

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    And we all had a blast. Not.

    I played through this third episode of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 multiple times. What I discovered is that certain decisions and the way you play it one way makes it rather unremarkable and outright boring, whereas if you play it another way, it’s actually pretty good. Overall, this is the weakest episode of the series so far, but it still has enough of an upside that I can still recommend it to those looking to get their Resident Evil fix.

    The second episode introduced branching story paths. This episode has more optional choices that the player can partake in that can have influences on the story. However, depending on certain choices players make during a particular boss fight can greatly impact character development in a weird way. Basically, you can either have great character development, or you can have terrible character development. This is not a constructive way to go about branching story paths in a game. The two paths should both have great storytelling, instead of one path having really solid, meaningful character development and the other path having mediocre nonsense.

    This episode has a bigger focus on boss fights than the last two episodes. Two unique bosses are used for both the first half with Claire and Moira and the second half with Barry and Natalia. These boss fights are very unique and require different strategies. However, both bosses are basically just bullet sponges, and so fighting against them, while fun at first, can get old after a little while.

    The environments continue to be boring, which is another major issue I’ve taken with Resident Evil: Revelations 2 as a whole. The upside to this episode when compared to the previous ones is that there is less backtracking that Barry has to go through. There’s still some, don’t get me wrong, too much even, but still far less than what I noticed in the last two episodes. Barry and Natalia even visit a part of the island that Claire and Moira haven’t made it to, not yet at least.

    Some new weapons are introduced here as well, but besides the bosses, there are no new enemies to speak of and no compelling puzzles either.

    The story had a pretty significant, uh, "revelation" in this episode, which I can’t get into because of spoiler reasons, but it is tied to that flimsy character development I talked about earlier that you will either experience or completely miss out on. The overwhelming cheesy vibe of the series doesn’t work with this overly serious material they delve into though, especially when the dialogue is as bad (or as "good", depending on your perspective) as it is and the voice acting is even worse. The actor playing Barry is just not good.

    Fans will likely take issue with Claire Redfield’s portrayal in this episode. In my reviews for the previous two episodes, I’ve mentioned that they’ve basically turned Claire’s character model into that of a misshapen troll woman, which remains true, but to make matters worse, her character takes a turn in this episode that will have you smacking your head in disbelief. It is true that a couple of characters in the episode get really great character development, but Capcom basically ruins Claire with how she acts in this episode. It’s utterly pathetic. And fans thought Samus’s appearance in Metroid: Other M was bad…

    Overall though, the core gameplay remains fun, and despite the flaws with the story and voice acting, I am interested to see where it goes. The environments continue to be bland and the backtracking really brings the game’s pacing down, but it still has enough fun moments to make it worth playing.

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