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An overhyped platformer that ends up being mediocre.

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    Super Mario Odyssey

    Rating: 1.5 – Bad

    An overhyped platformer that ends up being mediocre.

    I still don’t get what people rave about in Mario games. Every single time a Mario game comes out, it’s treated as an untouchable masterpiece. Every time I buy the games just to see what the deal is. I’m SUPPOSED to be enjoying them when I play them. That’s what everyone says. …So why can’t I enjoy these games? Well, when it comes to Mario, I pretty much have the same exact problems every time. I’ll try to delve into things one by one, starting with Graphics, then going to Sound, Gameplay, Challenge, and such.

    First up, the graphics. At first, they look nice. The scenes are colorful, Mario’s… well… butt ugly, actually, but is very well rendered with well detailed hair and overalls, but it just feels… empty. The foreground environments have a good sense of color, which I love seeing in an industry filled with bleak, colorless games, but the problem is the background scenery is quite sparce at time, and while the bustling New Donk City looks nice, other levels like the Dinosaur land and the Dark Moon land look very plain. In addition, instead of a nice background and scenery around the world you traverse in, it’s usually just a barren void. Overall, the graphics are okay, but not great. I’d give it, say, a five out of ten.

    Mario games have never been plauded for amazing sounds, but I’ve always hated Mario soundtracks. Usually the songs range from forgettable to ANNOYING. It’s the very same story in this game. The actual sound effects, they’re… there’s not really much to say about them. They’re cartoon sound effects that do their job, not much more. Voice acting? Same spiel. They do their job, and not much more. Overall, I’d give it a four. Just… the sound is okay, not great.

    And now we finally get to the gameplay. This is the area everyone applauds for epic greatness. …Why, though? I don’t get it. First off, Mario’s turning is incredibly annoying. Instead of turning on a dime like most videogames, it tries to be "Realistic" and have Mario steer around in an arc, which slows the experience down. It makes it worse due to the slippery controls. You know those annoying Ice levels in platformers? In Mario, EVERY level feels like an ice level. If the platforms weren’t wide and numerous, this would be even more annoying.

    The ability to control animals seems fun, but the execution could be better. Actually using the mechanic is a bit wonky if you’re using the motion control to do it, and even if you use the controller, it’s still kind of stiff. When you’re actually controlling them, unfortunately, most of the creatures you can control are limited to just specialized movements, which limits what you can get out of this mechanic.

    There’s a few minigames, but most of them are annoying. The worst offenders are the Jump rope and Volleyball minigames, which end up being very tedious, yet are one of the only forms of challenge in the game. There’s a lot of neat ideas, including the sidescrolling areas, but the sidescrolling areas aren’t done very well, and are often limited to confined areas and one-off puzzles that are too easy to be any fun.

    The boss fights are terrible. The bosses themselves look cool, but the bossfights are just pathetic, showing very little creativity and are way too short and easy, Bossfights are something I really look forward to in games as they are my favorite part of gaming, and Mario games have never delivered in this catigory. I give the overall score for gameplay a three out of ten.

    The challenge aspect in this game is utterly pathetic! The platforming’s too easy, the bosses are too easy, most of the minigames are too easy, just… no. The only real challenge is some of the moons and the Jump rope and Volleyball minigames, and even they aren’t that challenging. Some of the moons, on the other hand, are just mindlessly sitting in random, thoughtless locations that are too easy to obtain. Mario games have never been known for challenge, but this is just pathetic. I feel like challenge in a game is important because if a game is challenging enough without being TOO challenging, it gives you the satisfaction of beating it, but I got no satisfaction from this. Challenge gets nothing more than a one.

    I feel like this game isn’t so much awful, I just found it to be… mediocre, really. I’ve found every Mario game mediocre to be honest. I’ll probably never get the appeal of these games, to be franks.

    Rating:   1.5 – Bad

    Product Release: Super Mario Odyssey (US, 10/27/17)

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