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An outstanding shooter that throws an interesting twist at you.

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    Rating: 5.0 – Flawless

    An outstanding shooter that throws an interesting twist at you.


    Titanfall is an excellent next-gen shooter that I’ve been having a blast with and still play everyday. However, if you’re into mostly single-player games, this may not be the game for you. There is a campaign, but it’s really just multiplayer with a cutscene or two before you start.

    I also really appreciate how balanced everything is in this game. Titans have counter-measures against pilots such as electronic smoke and firepower while pilots have counter-measures against titans such as cloaking and arc-grenades.


    Not the best I’ve seen next gen but they definitely get the job done. For the most part they are 60 frames per second except for when a lot is going on at once. Even then, I haven’t seen the framerate drop enough to disrupt any kind of gameplay. The animations are impressive – especially all of the different ones that show your pilot entering your titan.

    If you’re trying to show off "next-gen" graphics to your friends, this may not be the right game. However, given the scope of the maps and the amount of things going on at once, they can be pretty impressive at times. Just don’t expect Forza 5 or Ryse level graphics from this.


    I’m not a huge sound guy, but I can’t really find any flaws here. Guns sound great, titan sounds are powerful, and the dialogue keeps you entertained.


    Probably the best part of the game. Everything just feels so fluid and responsive. From wall-running to dashing in a titan, everything allows you to jump right in and implement your own gameplay style.


    The game has been out for a month and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. It’s very addictive to try and unlock the achievements in this game. Plus, all of the different burn cards you can get is addictive as well. Plus, there are ten different "gens" you can get to that have a level 50 limit. These can be compared to prestige mode in Call of Duty.

    10/10 overall

    This is easily the best game I’ve played in the next generation and in my opinion is worth buying an Xbox One for. The titans are incorporated so well that if they were taken out, something in this game would feel off. The graphics get the job done while the gameplay, sound, and replayability all excel greatly.

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