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An Homage to the past, but also A great step forward

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    King’s Quest: The Complete Collection

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    An Homage to the past, but also A great step forward

    Kings quest is a beautiful homage to the Sierra games of the 80’s and 90’s. You retake the roll of King Graham from Kings Quests 1,2, and 5. As he recounts some of his lesser know exploits to his grand daughter we take control of him and his stories.

    It is interesting to see a game that is so closely tied to source material from 20-30 years ago and it was certainly a risk to take making this part of the original series, not a reboot. However I do believe that this game would be accessible and enjoyable to someone new to the Kings Quest franchise. Each chapter follows adventures King Graham had outside of the original games. All together they form their own narrative which strikes a balance between being tied to the original games, and being it’s own tale which stands on it’s own.

    The voice acting throughout is delightful, with really top notch talent including Christopher Lloyd and Wallace Shawn. The character are wacky, memorable, and well fleshed out. Similar to the art style, which is bright and colorful and perfectly suits the story and the game.

    The puzzles in the first few chapters are rich, multifaceted, difficult and rewarding. They follow the classic adventure game mold of Explore, Find interesting items and areas, puzzle out how to use thing A on Place B to advance the plot. However, this being an update of the formula the issues and frustrations with that style of gaming have been streamlined very well. Also, the game throws in a lot of other kinds of challenges and puzzles that fit in very well. Unfortunately the puzzle quality falls off a little in chapters 4-5, probably because the games sales under performed and the company ran short on money. They make up for it however, with fantastic, heart-felt story telling and the ending is absolutely beautiful.

    Also, your choices actually matter, unlike some story driven games your choices actually change things from episode to episode, they may be details, not over-all plot, but still more than you see in a tell-tale game an you get the sense by the end that you are indeed helping to build and then pass along, king Grahams legacy

    Overall, This game should appeal to any fan of the Sierra adventure games, or any modern gamer who likes puzzles or story based adventure games. I highly recommend this game as a great story and a fun game with just enough challenge to make progress rewarding.

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