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A Zombie Playground

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    Dead Rising 3

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    A Zombie Playground

    It’s been three years since the last time we stepped foot into Capcom’s zombie crazed world of Dead Rising. Three years since we’ve gotten the chance to brutally kill zombies in some of the most bizarre ways imaginable. Three long years since Dead Rising fans has had the chance to feed their zombie slaying addictions. Sure there are other zombie games out there but arguably none that brings the refreshing, rejuvenating, and unique feeling that the previous Dead Rising games brought to the table with their "not so serious" take on the "zombie" genre. So the true question still remains to be answered. Was Dead Rising 3 worth the wait?

    Story 7/10

    Taking place ten years after Dead Rising 2, you are Nick Ramos…the mechanic. Like all zombie games the nationwide pandemic of zombies has brought the human civilization to the brink of extinction. Nick is in the city of Los Perdidos. He meets a few survivors to include Dick (the co-op playable character with a sense of humor). After the opening scenes of the game, you all come to find out that the government has decided to bomb Los Perdidos in six days to prevent the outbreak from worsening. Yes, six days…not three days as you may be familiar with in the previous installments. Nick and company has to find a way out of this zombie infested city before the time is up or….boom. For all the hardcore Dead Rising fans, fret not, Capcom has not forgotten you. There is a "Nightmare Mode" which drastically increase the difficulty of the game as well as bring back the infamous three day time limit. Dead Rising never takes itself too serious and that’s not a bad thing at all. There are plenty of one liners that will keep you entertained for hours while playing the story. The game is fully playable in co-op as well so you and a partner can both kill your way out of the city together before the clock expires.

    Gameplay 9/10

    There will be blood…blood…and more blood. Dead Rising 3 doesn’t hold back in bombarding you with thousands upon thousands of zombies to kill. The best part of Dead Rising isn’t killing the zombies but how you kill the zombies. There are hundreds, if not thousands of ways to dispose of the undead in Los Santos. Anything, and I mean anything can be used as a weapon. From beating a zombie to death with a pillow (yes a pillow) all the way up to crafting a dual chainsaw and hacking and slashing your way to your objectives. There are so many different weapons it is virtually impossible to keep an accurate count. Anything you see can virtually be used as a weapon. You can craft weapons as well when you find the blueprints. For example if you find a bat and some nails you can craft a "spiked bat" and use that to hit home runs on zombies head. If you wanna get more deadly than that you can make one of my personal favorites the "Dragon Punch" which consist of some boxing gloves and a car engine. This allows to propel yourself into crowds of zombies and punch them hundreds of meters away. You can also craft vehicles as well. Finding parts for vehicles will allow you to craft mobile killing machines such as the "Turret Rig". This bad boy is a huge truck that has a turret on top to mow down enemies as well as blades on the side for a little crowd control should those infected walkers dare come near you. Like usual, the zombie kill counter is back so while your killing all these zombies with your weapon of choice the game will be counting. There are so many crazy weapons in Dead Rising 3, but I don’t want to go too much into detail for sake of the length of this review but as soon as you enter Los Santos you will immediately see this city is your killing playground.

    A leveling system is also implemented here. Completing objectives as well as killing zombies of course, will net you some prestige points. These PP points can be used to unlock a plethora of things. You can increase you health (recommended), stamina, zombie push while driving vehicles, new moves etc. Using variety to kill zombies as well as getting zombie kill streaks earn you more PP. So being a boring zombie slayer is highly discouraged in this system because the more deadlier you are the more PP you will get to basically upgrade Nick and become…well more deadlier mechanic. You can change your clothes as well if you wanna add a little bit more style to your massacre as well. I personally like to wear to silliest things like a horse head with girl panties on (yes I’m weird like that) but just like your weapon choice, there are plenty of clothing options to choose from.

    Seeing as Dead Rising 3 is a exclusive Xbox One launch title naturally there would be some optional Kinect and SmartGlass features present as well. The Kinect adds some features that are cool at first but quickly end up being more of a hassle than they are worth. You can speak commands to your Kinect that will attract zombies to you. This can be used if you want zombies to follow you into a dangerous situation such as walking into fire or off of a cliff. Using the Kinect, you can also navigate your menu, pause your game, invite friends (when it works) to your game. After a while all this novelty wears off on you and you’ll probably end up doing what I did and turn off the Kinect features all together. SmartGlass on the other hand is surprisingly fun. You can use SmartGlass to accept exclusive missions as well as call airstrikes every once and a while. SmartGlass isn’t meant for you to use all the time but does change things up a little bit and is a pretty neat feature. Dead Rising 3 is incredibly fun to play and all of the different ways to go about playing it will surely keep anyone who has a blood lust and loves zombies entertained for hours upon hours.

    Visuals & Performance 7/10

    At first glance Dead Rising 3 doesn’t seem like a next generation game. Graphically it looks like a really good Xbox 360/Playstation 3 game in fact. Instead of making the best looking game possible, Capcom has decided to go with quantity. The amount of zombies on screen quickly proves that this is a next gen game. I have never seen this many character models on screen on any console game. The character models also don’t repeat themselves enough that it takes away from the experience. You will feel like you are killing different zombies and not the same ten being recycled over and over again. Now to address the zombie in the room…performance.

    Leading up to the release of Dead Rising 3, the performance of the game began to be questioned. Dead Rising 3 is running at 30 frames per second at a 720p resolution. For a next generation game this seems sub par. From a technical aspect Dead Rising 3 has its occasional hiccups here and there. The majority of the time playing the framerate stayed at a steady 30 frames. There were some drops here and there that fortunately didn’t render the game unplayable but were noticeable especially when playing co-op. Co-op that is another issue, the co-op is a finicky system as well. When it works its absolutely great but sometimes the player would drop from the match or simply wouldn’t be allowed to be invited. I also experienced issues with the chat system as well. At first I thought it was on my end but my chat worked perfectly fine in every game besides Dead Rising 3. Hopefully these are issues that can be patched. Capcom also advertised Dead Rising 3 as having virtually no load times. "Virtually" is the key word here. Yes, when you are playing the whole world is explorable and playable with no load times but if you die or are just beginning your game the load times are a ridiculous 2-3 minutes at best. Overall even with the performance issues, thankfully the majority of the time Dead Rising 3 runs absolutely great and the good definitely outweighs the bad.

    Replayability 9/10

    There’s tons to do in Dead Rising 3. Beating the game is only the beginning. As I stated earlier there is a Nightmare Mode which increases the challenge. "Overtime" mode just like the previous games adds another chapter to the game. There are tons of combo weapons to find, trophies and other collectible to keep anyone busy for dozens of hours. In addition to that it’s always fun to just hop into a zombie playground and relieve some of that stress by dismembering some zombie body parts right?

    Final Verdict 8/10




    -Some Performance Issues
    -Useless Kinect Commands

    Closing Comments

    Overall one word can sum up Dead Rising 3…fun. This game is just simply fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and just gives you a world, some zombies, and the tools necessary to dispose of them. It’s really that simple and even with the performance issues that can sometimes rear their ugly heads the game is very entertaining and Capcom had done a solid job in continuing this series. Happy Zombie Slaying.

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