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A Wasteland worth surviving in

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    Mad Max

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    A Wasteland worth surviving in

    Mad Max is a wonderful,adventurous journey filled with Cars,sand,storms,sand,crazy insane territorial lunatics with strange names and hairstyles,violence,more sand,loot,our beloved wastelander Max,rpg elements,customization and more sand…if any of this sounds like a dream come true then you are in the right place. To find out if it is worth the trip continue reading on dear friends….

    Graphics: This game is stunning and remarkable sprinkled with a bit of beauty amongst the nothingness. This game has some amazing effects with the various sand and electrical storms you encounter as well as the attention to detail with how things react in the wind and occasional twisters here and there. The character models and cars are nicely detailed as well and the particle effects of when things explode are a beautiful display of awesomeness.

    Sound: The sound design is pretty cool as well, as you mainly hear the roaring of the myriad of cars’ engines you will be driving, but there are nice atmospheric touches as well when you explore. The sounds of battle along with the bone shattering combat provide some pretty nice touches as well. The voice acting is pretty solid too but not exactly the best ever but very solid performances nonetheless. On the music side of things it is of a very atmospheric nature kinda like Fallout or Skyrim in a sense that it matches the mood and nature of the game and the scenery itself. It is rather well done but one aspect that is really cool is the sound of pure metal mayhem…no not that kind of metal but the sounds of two death machines colliding and the winner driving another day and the loser ends in a fiery blaze of failure! Seriously,those explosions will rattle those speakers and that is a good thing. Oh and my most favorite sound of all in this game is…..the storms you will have to survive! Let me tell you,this game has wind sounds and lightning strikes on total lockdown! It does a great job of giving you a sense of how powerful these random,sporadic storms are and why they are dangerous in the first place.

    Gameplay: The meat and potatoes of any great game,and let me just say that this full course meal provides plenty here. This game is HUGE,I mean HUGE…like say goodbye to your social life huge. This game is loaded with things to do,so much in fact that if you wanna tackle it all it will take some time to do so. These are not complaints at all because it is worth the investment. Now it is true that each area you are given you will run into a lot of the same rinse and repeat mission structures,but it is so much fun that it won’t even matter because the world encourages you to go off the beaten path and rewards you well for doing the multitude of quests and such available. You get to take down enemy camps and hideouts and other things that will lower the threats for each territory. Doing this also gains you favor with the leaders of said territories and allows some cool perks as well. The combat both on foot and vehicle wise are fun,basic to a degree but satisfying and really fun. The on foot combat plays a lot like the Batman games but it is very brutal and visceral like Shadow of Mordor and even like Sleeping Dogs too. Every bone shattering crunch is satisfying and the beat down Max puts on enemies while in Fury mode is a rewarding treat in and of itself. Car Combat is really fun and should be as a lot of the game is centered around this aspect. The driving is fluid to a degree depending on certain cars which control pretty poorly but all in all very solid. You get to customize your car in a myriad of ways all with there own stat boosts and such which you can add weapons for your car as well. Basically just like on foot it Is all about surviving and making sure your car doesn’t get totalled. Luckily you have a onboard mechanic and comic relief named Chumbucket who will patch you up if your car looks like something out of a Michael Bay film. There are also races you can compete in too amongst the plethora of things available which provide you with rewards such as new cars and the sort,best part about competing in these is the fact you get a limitless supply of fuel should you need it. Which brings me to another point,fuel is your friend both for the car and for fun recreational combat situations too luckily it isn’t too big of an issue as it is pretty plentiful mostly. Also you have to find water sources and food for survival as these two are your health suppliers. The game also has light RPG elements too and as you complete challenges you can earn tokens to upgrade many stats for Max,while also using scrap the in game currency to earn skills,defensive and offensive boosts and more.

    Closing notes: Mad Max is a great game and totally worthy of anyone’s time. It is a massive and beautiful game world that even if you never seen any of the movies this game is derived from you will appreciate. From the oft times breathtaking scenery to the exhilarating combat both on foot and off road and the myriad of things to do in this game to get lost in, this is an adventure nobody should miss.

    I give this game a 9 out of 10, Check this out if you haven’t already.

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