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A trip down memory lane…

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    Killer Instinct

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    A trip down memory lane…

    Killer Instinct on the Xbox one is one of those games that is hard to judge. On one hand, I enjoy the fighting mechanics and the stroll down nostalgia lane. On the other, the amount of game modes and characters makes the game wear thin rather quick. It’s also part of the model, where you get certain things as you pay, with more content coming later. In that regards, it’s hard to judge. But based on what’s present for what I paid, the game while having its moments of fun, starts waning rather quickly due to the lack of content.

    Killer Instinct features astoundingly long and over the top combos. While it doesn’t take much to string together eye popping and devastating combinations, the overall mechanics still feel like it has some depth. The combo system flows smoothly and feels natural to the touch. While insanely long combos are to be expected, opponents who executed a well timed combo breaker can interrupt this madness. The game and combat also moves incredibly fast, so timing and execution is crucial. With long combos and combo breakers, the combat’s depth comes to the forefront, along with strategically timed moves to make things effective. The combat to be expected is the highlight of the game.

    While Killer Instinct is certainly fun to play, the lack of game moves and features accelerates the time it takes to put the game back on your shelf. For the most part, the bulk of my time was spent playing survival mode and online. There’s also not much in terms of unlockables. After a while, recycling through these two modes brings about the feeling of been there done that. While there certainly is going to be more content in the pipeline, but I would’ve moved on by then.

    From a visual perspective, Killer Instinct looks nice, but nothing about it really screams next gen to me. The animation of long, fast, and ferocious combat is certainly eye pleasing. The music and sound effects were also solid, and I certainly got a kick out of cool lines like combo breaker.

    Killer Instinct had its fun moments. I certainly would’ve spent more time having fun with it, had there been more content. Part of it is due to the model that’s being offered, where you get more content as you pay. However, some content is still in the pipeline and by the time it has come out, I would have moved on. With that said, the game has a fun and fast combat system. For those really into fighting games, the online portion will certainly keep their competitive juices going.

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