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A Tales rip-off with none of the charm

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    Akiba’s Beat

    Rating: 2.0 – Poor

    A Tales rip-off with none of the charm

    So Akiba’s beat is, quite frankly, a bad game, let me start with the good parts: the presentation is decent and there is at least a partially-interesting story trying to be told… that’s all I’ve got for the good I’m afraid

    The bad: the gameplay is as I’m sure those of you who’ve played a Tales game will know is a rip off of Tales of Xilla so if you can imagine playing Xilla and fighting against enemies who shrug off your attacks like it’s nothing and refused to be combo’d as you may have correctly thought it’s not much fun, there isn’t a whole lot of variety in arte’s(or skills as the game calls them) either and each combo chain is comprised of spamming the same move over and over again, the MC seems to only have fire-elemental skills too so good luck going against bosses resistant to fire- more on bosses in a bit. Now onto another issue I had: input lag, it seems to creep in every time you want to start a combo so you’ll need to find yourself inputting the skills for chains in early or risk them not activating at all

    Now then it’s time for bosses! bosses are entirely uninteresting HP tanks that you simply spam and wail on with your skill of choice for 5-8mins while wondering just why you’re still playing this game, AI is widely varied too, they sometimes go in with using the right skills against enemies but then use the wrong ones (i.e skills that the enemy/boss is resistant to) for the rest of the fight or decide that they don’t want to heal you anymore

    Loading times/Area variety, I hope you enjoy sitting through a shocking amount of 4-sec loading screens if you want to travel more than 20ft anywhere, I could maybe overlook this more if you weren’t stuck in Akihabara the vast majority of the time and had more to look at than the same old locations and NPC’s that aren’t modelled but that isn’t the case here, a shame as some of the dungeons do at least have effort put into each of them to make them look distinctly different

    Dialogue/Pacing, I said that the plot is at least somewhat okay right? I hope that you’re willing to sit through some of the most cringe-worthy dialogue I’ve ever had the misfortune to read to get to it, Pinkun popping up every 5mins to call the MC out on being a NEET got old fast, The pacing is another problem, it takes far too long to get into the game properly and you have to wait until you clear the second dungeon in order for it to improve and even after that the constant backtracking gets annoying quickly.

    Overall: I can’t recommend this game, it’s some of the least fun I’ve had with a ARPG, my rating? a 2/5, if you like ARPG’s I’d recommend checking out the latest game in the Tales series- Tales of Berseria instead, thanks for reading this review

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