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A Summer Blockbuster of a Good Time

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    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    A Summer Blockbuster of a Good Time

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is another fun filled entry into the series. However, unlike past iterations of the franchise that felt like amazing experiences that were a must play, this one feels more like an offshoot that doesn’t necessarily push forward the series in any remarkable way.

    The story follows the expedition of characters Chloe Frazier and Nadine Ross of previous uncharted titles, as they are searching for a lost treasure in Western Ghats of India. This game is astonishing running on a PS4. Seeing light peak through the tree tops or the way that shadows dance on walls due to an open flame, you can’t help but be fully engrossed by the visual fidelity of what’s going on on-screen. This isn’t uncommon for an uncharted game, but this might be the best looking title the series has had to date. Which is another feather in the cap of this already great experience.

    The game play is business as usual for an uncharted title. You could very much tell that this game was made using the same framework as Uncharted 4, due to similar animations and sound design. It’s the same 3rd person shooting combat from previous games, but feels like a favorite shoe you haven’t worn in a while. It fits perfectly and feels fluid, so you’ll be sure to enjoy getting in the thick of every firefight you encounter. The stealth mechanics from Uncharted 4 make a return here, as well as the rope swing, and they feel much better this time around. You really feel like stealth is an option for combat, thanks to wider areas, and more foliage to sneak your way through. Once again the rope swing helps give verticality to combat situations as well. While both of these mechanics were in the last title, they did feel as if they were more tuned to fit this world. There is an interesting new addition to the series, which is an open explorable region. While I wouldn’t exactly refer to it as an open world, it is a big enough region that allows you to explore freely, and gives you a fulfilling sense of exploration. There are multiple tombs throughout the region where you can search for artifacts, but almost all of them are guarded using some sort of puzzle. While these puzzles are not very hard, you still get a great sense of accomplishment as you are tackling each tomb on your map. I can successfully say that this is the first uncharted game where I actually feel like an explorer. This is thanks to the added freedom of the open region.

    One of the issues of the game are its characters. We were given fantastic performances by both actresses, but Chloe and Nadine, while not bad characters, unfortunately didn’t have the same sort of chemistry as previous protagonist. This ultimately led to some bland interactions between the two for the majority of the central section of the game as you were moving throughout the world. You could see some slight development for both these characters throughout the journey, but their relationship never really flourished in any interesting way that left me wanting more. A big character that falls short in this narrative is the main antagonist. He pretty much fits the main generic adventure bad guy archetype, and does not really do anything interesting throughout the course of the game. While his performance is great, his motivations were pretty predictable, and not very engrossing overall.

    The overarching narrative that took place was an enjoyable experience. It was well acted, but didn’t seem to have the same impact that previous uncharted titles have had in the past. I wasn’t nearly as invested in what was going on throughout, but still enjoyed what I was doing in the moment. I won’t look back and remember this game as one the best uncharted games, but the experience of playing through it was still entertaining the entire time. Each large set piece gave me a sense of déjà vu, considering how similar they were to set pieces that have already been executed in the series. It took away some the excitement during these events, but did not detract to the point that it made it unenjoyable.

    As the credits rolled after my 6 hour play time I felt this was a popcorn blockbuster addition to the uncharted series. The added open region element did give a refreshing sense of exploration that this franchise hasn’t had in the past, but did not do anything else to really shake up the formula of what we have played in the past. If you are a fan of the series, then I highly recommend giving this a try. While it didn’t have the same resonance as other full titles in the series, it was an enjoyable side story to this world.

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