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A relaxing trip to the depths of the sea.

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    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    A relaxing trip to the depths of the sea.

    Flow was released back in 2007 for PS3 by a small indie company named Thatgamecompany, yes such an unusual name, and while wasn’t exactly a hit, it did gain its share amount of fans and was their first step to be recognized worldwide due to their peaceful and gorgeous visuals. Now released on PS4 along with the other games, Flow arrives to captivate new fans of the company and older ones.

    Story: N/D

    There’s no proper story here, you pick a microorganism creature and you try to reach the deepest of the layers to win the game, and that’s it.

    Graphics: 8/10

    Looks very eerie but gorgeous as ever, the numerous creatures have vibrant colors depending on their mood and shapes, each sea layer complements fairly well with the creatures in it, giving a somewhat zen feeling. The game hasn’t changed at all from its transition to ps3 in terms of graphics, though there wasn’t much they could change here to begin with. Simple yet captivating.


    This game uses of the motion control to navigate the creature, only a handful of games use this with some success, due to how straining and incoherent it gets for long periods of time, however Flow does a very good job, it does takes a while to get used to, but once you do you won’t even miss the analogue. You reach the deepest layers by eating a special creature, while eating (or being devoured) among the way other organisms. Some creatures have special abilities, like a boost for example so you can run from sticky situations or chase smaller pray. Overall the gameplay might be too shallow for some, nevertheless it’s fun and engaging to see your creature growing with each enemy you devourer, whilst exploring the small world you’re in.

    Soundtrack: 9/10

    Easily the strongest feature of the game, the music here is relaxing and fitting, might not make much sense for having such genre in here, deemed you’re struggling for survival, however watching your creature evolving underwater slowly and steady makes the experience a peaceful one. The sound effects add more immersion to the gameplay, and the soundtrack compliments well with the visuals, truly a rare sight to see in gaming nowadays.


    Depending on the pacing you have, whether going to the finish line as fast as you can or simply devouring every creature you find, this a game you can finish in less than 10 minutes or over an hour. However there are more creatures you can choose to replay the game after you finish it once, some with unique abilities, albeit there aren’t that different from each other. There is also trophies to complete if you like hunting those, and finally there is a Co-op in which you can play with a friend offline, which admittedly I haven’t played it much, but from what I have seen doesn’t add much to the game, meaning you’re not missing out much if you don’t have anyone to play with. This is a game that it’s manageable to see everything on a free afternoon or so.

    Overall the game is the same as on the ps3, with very little if any changes, and its often the forgotten and less praised game of the Thatgamecompany, however if you did enjoy Flower and Journey, you will most likely enjoy this, a relaxing and enjoyable simple experience that holds up well and has an unique charm to it.

    Final Rating: 8/10

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