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A Nice Nostalgic Trip

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    Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    A Nice Nostalgic Trip

    Pokemon Go is something a lot of people enjoyed when it first launched. As time went by the number of people playing it decreased but, the community was still strong because of all the improvements made to it. Early this year the Pokemon Company announced two new Pokemon games which were an untitled Gen 8 Pokemon game and Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu. Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee are basically remakes of Pokemon Yellow and the main difference with this game and the original was the graphical upgrade and the gameplay would integrate a lot of elements introduced in Pokemon Go. Like the popularity of Pokemon Go the announcement of these Let’s Go games were mixed and as we approached the release of the game there were details about the game that many were left wondering why the developers made the choices they made. I personally have enjoyed my time with Pokemon Go but, like many I was worried how this game would feel in the end. Thankfully after playing Let’s Go Pikachu I not only enjoyed my time with this game, I now consider this one of my favorite Pokemon games I have ever played.

    Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee storywise are the same thing; the only difference is the starter you get in the beginning. The game starts with you and your rival visiting Professor Oak and getting your respective Pokemon and in my case I got Pikachu. Now after getting your Pokemon your adventure begins; which means you catch Pokemon in the wild, train them, eventually face a gym leaders, battle the elite 4, and finally face off with the champion and that’s game. This game also has you encountering Team Rocket a number of times and stopping them from doing mischievous deeds. This game also features returning Team Rocket members Jessie and James many are familiar with via Pokemon Yellow or the Pokemon anime. While storywise this game is pretty straightforward, there are many times during the game where moments with certain character enhanced the experience. It was pretty neat to see Blue again, and there was a really nice moment with Lorelei that helped make her stand out more other than just being an Elite 4 member. As for your rival he is a fine character he isn’t as great as Blue or the rival from Gen 2, but he was fine and he did grow as a character as you play the game.

    The biggest thing to talk about especially with this being a HD remake of Pokemon Yellow is the presentation of the game. I believe this is the best looking 3DS Pokemon game, and I know that seems like a strange way to talk about the presentation given this is a home console Pokemon game. I don’t see it as negative because the game really looks great and this also excites me for what Pokemon Gen 8 will look like because it’s clear that this is a sneak peek as to how Gen 8 will look like in the end. My favorite aspects of the presentation are the Gyms themselves; they look great as you find your way to the Gym Leader.

    Battles was something many were worried about because as much as I enjoyed Pokemon Go, the battle weren’t exactly the best part of the game. And with the information being released about no more battling wild Pokemon the question was how will we gain experience in this game. There are main trainers you encounter as you go from city to route to cave to city. As for wild Pokemon themselves you only are able to catch them like you did in Pokemon Go and the process is literally the same where you can give Pokemon berries and the effect of each berry is different. If you are using a joy con you just fling the control in the direction the Pokemon is or if you are playing in handheld you can aim the throw with the control stick or use the gyro and then press A to throw the ball. Which begs the question why you can’t use your Pro Controller in this game because the controller does have gyro and what not. This game does have it’s fair share of complaints, but before I get to that there is a little more I want to talk about in regards to wild Pokemon encounterments. You gain exp as you catch Pokemon so this is basically the way to level up your Pokemon. You can also chain Pokemon and when you do the amount of exp increases so if you catch the same Pokemon you are rewarded with more experience and reward. A really great feature added to this game with wild encounterment is that Pokemon can be seen in the overworld, so now you just have to go after the Pokemon you want instead of getting the same thing again and again.

    As for complaints I have with this game, I do think this is the easiest Pokemon game I have ever played, and with your starters its makes this game a joke. Your starters can learn new type of moves for example Eevee can learn Fire, Water, Dark, Psychic, Ice, and Fairy Type moves and some of them have guarantee status ailments, and some moves can have Eevee go first every time. it’s also unfortunate that abilities are not present in this game because the intention with this game is to welcome newcomers and people nostalgic towards the original game, and in order to do that is by not bringing in the new features introduced in later games. Which I understand why the developers decided to go that route, but for me Pokemon always felt like a nice introduction into RPG’s and the fact that the developers took out features introduced in recent games that weren’t really that complicated to understand, I just fine funny.

    This game has been talked bad about by some people because this isn’t the Pokemon they wanted. That hasn’t stopped the success of this game and really I am glad that it is doing well. This game was easy and I was fine with that. I needed a game like this because I don’t always want to play a game where you have to focus on a lot happening and in this game it was simple: catch Pokemon, battle trainers, and win that’s it. This was a nice nostalgia trip for me too because I did grow up watching and playing Pokemon and this was just a great time. If the Pokemon Company wants to make more Let’s Go games true be told I would be fine with it because I know that the main series Pokemon games are still coming. Gen 8 will not play like Let’s Go but, I do hope that some features like wild Pokemon showing up in the wild is a returning feature. The music in this game is fantastic and another thing that is exciting me for Gen 8. I would recommend people to try out Pokemon Let’s Go because it is a really great time, and they may have the same feeling coming out after playing it which is excitement for what is to come for Pokemon on Switch.

    Rating:   4.0 – Great

    Product Release: Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! (US, 11/16/18)

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