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A nice Challenge

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    Massive Chalice

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    A nice Challenge

    Games amazing if your looking for a turn based strategy game that makes use of encounters were character positioning and foresight determine the outcome of a stage more so then your characters moveset. The graphics could definetly use a upgrade though. On one side of the game your breeding a lineage of warriors an making in game decisions which can affect future scenarios. In this game your allowed up to 5 playable characters for a stage. If we focus on the battling system you will find ample opportunities to ambush feint hide from an set up the enemy opposition.

    The objective is to keep your ruling families alive an happily bread for war over a ~300 year time period. You need to protect your borders from cadence invasion over this period atlast many enemy tress pases will occur on your forged base to keep you busy. Some of the armor an items options are worth the wait. The game gradually gets tougher as you approach the end. Which gives the player more of a reason to use the scenery. I give the gameplay a 5 out of 5.

    There is a resemblance between this game an chess more so thencheckers. You will find your self in positions where your squad will have to do alot more then simply fall back to safer position. Feints have worked great for me in opening enemy lines. The enemies do like to chase alot on earlier stages so feinting your enemies usually results in a victory. There are enemies that also like to rush you and self destruct. Rushing can be fun but if you dont stay hidden while scouting out the area you may find yourself easily overwhelmed. The enemies are not so easily taken down once you get past the first few levels so it might be best to view a lone character more as a night or bishop then a queen. The opportunity to clutch with great positioning against the enemy oposition with a single character is possible on lower difficulties. Once you raise the difficulty or get into end game status you will find proper positioning and planned out attacks a necessity. Scouting under cover is a great way to help you set up over the variety of stages present in this game. But with the chance for enemies to randomly attack you from affar or come to close increases your chance of getting detected which could result in a KO by the end of the enemies turn. This is a strategy game where you will find your self pondering a few moves in advance or risk almost certian defeat. If you can find enjoyment in chess or turn based RPGs I highly recommend giving this game a try. There is also an extreme difficulty mode for hardcore games.

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