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A most deceptive cute and difficult game.

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    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    A most deceptive cute and difficult game.

    Knack is the most hardcore game I’ve played in quite some time. I usually tell people "At this point, this game gets real!", this game gets real by the 3rd level.

    As you can tell, this game is hard (and I recommend you start on Hard), so hard, it can blur the line of fun/balance and cheap tricks.

    This game is a 3d action game, it has small amounts of platforming which are never really too hard. You are Knack, an alamagation of rune stones that can get incredibly huge (like bigger than buildings huge). This is a gimmick, as you’ll never be the wrong size for anything you need to tackle. It is interesting though, and the Knack model looks great and very fluid. The human NPCs all look cartoony, so I didn’t really care too much about the story (don’t care about any story, especially in action games).While enemies kill you fast, you can also kill them equally fast, nothing (including you) will usually take more than 3 hits… oh, you will be one shot by A LOT of things though. The reason this can get cheap, you generally don’t have any long term ranged options, and the smaller the knack is, you’ll have to try harder to hit enemies due to a pathetic reach. This is a problem when roughly half the enemies are long range spammers… like crazy spammers. Enemies will start attack animations as they fall into the battle ground!

    Enemies are also very disgusting in terms of AI… they will often back up behind enemies, and since there is no friendly fire, you can get comboed by near impossible to reach enemies. Enemies also don’t give to craps about I-frames or honor, and will combo you out of attacking others. Certain attacks must be jumped over, and some must be dodged… there are more than enough unfair plays with multiple long ranged enemies that you just can’t win against if the game decides to stack impossible to dodge attacks… like you dodge an attack that was going to hit you, then get hit immediately after the dodge.

    The difficulty is odd, as you get a special meter… which doesn’t unfill if you die. Considering there are like four parts that have no way to regen power, along with a free win "cyclone" attack
    that lasts a long time and making you untouchable, many places can be cheesed by dying on purpose.

    But, if you do this, and reach one of these places where energy is a god send (but not available), you might need to restart the level

    .I don’t remember the music too much in this game, so I can’t comment on it, if it was top notch, I’d remember it.

    Lastly, this game has numerous hidden rooms, either with tools you need 3 to 7 pieces to make (they change the dynamic of the game to allow getting energy from defeating enemies, and a combo meter) or gems, to get secret skins for Knack. They made this easier by allowing you to use your PSN buddies chest grabs, to limit first time RNG.

    I’m giving this game a solid 8, I actually liked the difficulty. Even though you get like one attack, this game really makes you think and forces you to kill fast and perfect. Increasing the difficulty not only changes the AI of enemies (they will move/shoot faster, be more dodgie) it also alters the platforming a noticeable bit.

    I deducted 1 point as to 100% the game, you need 10 diamonds, which can’t be shared by friends, the RNG is so bad, I got my first one on my 3rd play through, and found 2 more without having to back up the save file on a USB, and save scum a chest filled area for the rest. I deducted a second point, because for some reason, the devs thought it was a good idea to not let us change Knack skins (which actually have different stats) unless you start a new game. I got this for free, I heard the second one is even better.

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