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A Lego game as you know it, but spoiled by lazy development

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    LEGO The Hobbit

    Rating: 2.0 – Poor

    A Lego game as you know it, but spoiled by lazy development

    You tend to know what you’re getting with Lego games. Though they have advanced somewhat since the early Star Wars days, they’re still just light-hearted collect-athons with an awful lot of content if you’re willing to pursue it.

    What separates them, is the way you can tell how much effort and dedication has been put into them. When they’re good, they’re quite capable of hitting an eight or nine out of ten. Unfortunately, The Hobbit is chock-full of bugs and glitches, and severely lacking in any development effort or creativity. So much so that the game isn’t even actually finished. Not just a turn of phrase; it genuinely ends two-thirds of the way through The Hobbit story. The latter third was promised as DLC, which never materialised, but even if it had it would have been a bit cheeky considering the Lego Lord of the Rings game contained the full trilogy from the off.

    Playing through the story for the first time was a bit of a chore, as both in the levels and the open-world I seemed to constantly be coming across gameplay features that weren’t accessible to me yet. I know a staple of the Lego games is that they need multiple playthroughs to unlock ‘free-playâ€?mode and the ability to access all characters and abilities, but never before had I simply bypassed the open world and rushed through the story as quickly as possible to get to that point. The Hobbit just had so little open to me on my first play that I gave up caring about advancing to new locations, and it just felt more like being dragged around from place to place with my hands tied behind my back. Then, when I eventually finished the story and opened up the chance to complete more of the side-activities on offer, it felt like retreading a world I’d already seen most of, and the novelty of exploring it wasn’t there.

    The quests themselves quickly became repetitive, with most of them just a case of forging an item for an NPC, with the odd fight, puzzle, collection task thrown in to fill up the others. A couple of the puzzles were interesting, but otherwise there’s not a lot to shout about.

    My entire experience was marred with glitches, from a constant one of my navigation trail failing to appear, to NPCs vanishing, my characters failing to recognise a spot they could jump/balance, bosses dying the ‘wrongâ€?way and me being unable to progress, and plenty more.

    It’s not a terrible game, and maybe for the younger ones they’ll find it perfectly enjoyable. To me, it screams of a game that has been rushed out, and the lack of patches and any actual ending proves that not a lot of care has gone into it. It’s not awful, but I’ve come to expect better from Lego games.

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