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A lackluster and disappointing ride…

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    Rating: 2.5 – Playable

    A lackluster and disappointing ride…

    As someone who enjoyed Rollercoaster Tycoon, I was excited for Screamride due to the long period of time since I’ve played a rollercoaster driven game. In Screamride, players are responsible for pumping as much adrenaline as possible for thrill seekers. This is achieve through three career modes. Modes consist of scream rider, demolition, and engineer, which allow players to control the roller coaster, destroy things, and build tracks.

    Playing through the game, one thing that I disliked was the game taking out the management of amusement park aspect that is familiar with a game like Rollercoaster Tycoon. I enjoyed aspects like this, as it feels the things you’re doing such as building tracks, has an impact on some objectives. For instance, perhaps building a great ride leads to higher attendance and more revenue. There is something to achieve for.

    In scream rider, you control the actual pod as you navigate through the rollercoaster. The objective of this is to navigate at high speeds, build up turbo boosters, make thrilling turns, and so forth without derailing and destroying your pod. This mode gets boring relatively fast.

    Demolition mode allows players to launch the pods at things to destroy it. The pods might have certain traits, such as control of when a pod blows up. Blowing up things might seem fun for a while, but does get repetitive quickly when there are no sense of objectives to the destruction. Engineer mode is the best part of the game, where users can create rides. The ability to balance between a thrilling rides, without causing destruction to riders can be a difficult balancing point. Building these tracks is certainly fun at times, but ultimately without an overarching objective, it just doesn’t feel too meaningful.

    Screamride’s world feels lifeless, with environments feeling rather bland. The destruction of things do look cool at times, but the overall environment is not too appealing. The animation looks fairly solid, such as riding through tracks at full speed. The musical soundtrack also felt lifeless, bland and generic. The game really put out a feeling of low production values.

    To put it bluntly, Screamride is not very fun at all. Without the ability to management a theme park, everything does not have much of an overarching objective. To make matters worse, things get repetitive rather quickly, whether it’s controlling a pod through a track or destroying things. Building rides is fun for a big, so there is some saving grace there. If you really like rollercoasters, I would recommend renting it first.

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