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A game breaking glitch ruined this for me

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    Dying Light

    Rating: 0.5 – Unplayable

    A game breaking glitch ruined this for me

    When I got Dying Light, I had little expectations. I wasn’t expecting a riveting storyline or innovative gameplay. I got it knowing that it would be a generic zombie game. But I wasn’t expecting it to be the glitchy, clunky and repetitive borefest it turned out to be. I was around 22-25% into the story, and randomly one day, I lose all my equipment, weapons, skills and blueprints that I had spent hours earning. Everything except for the story progression was set back to zero.

    The game had already disappointed me and I was just desperately trying to go through with it, hoping the game would get better but this was the final straw. I decided I wasn’t going to take anymore of this and the few hours I spent on this game was getting frustrated by the controls, bugs and repetition.

    Dying Light is another one of the many generic "open world" games we have today, filled with a large number of fetch quests (go pick this item or go talk to person type quests) that act as filler and is simply an easy way to make the game feel full of content. It is just another example that quantity does not equal to quality.

    The skill system is ridiculous. Basic mechanics that should have been unlocked from the get-go have to be acquired. You press a button, and suddenly you learn to slide or throw weapons. How does one not know how to throw a weapon? It makes no sense. The characters are boring and the voice acting feels forced. I could never bring myself to care about the story and the game never goes deep into how and why this place is the way it is. The quests are there just to make the game seem longer, instead of being engaging or fun to do.

    Another small issue that needs to be addressed is that the game uses the Dualshock 4’s touchpad to open the map. Due to its location on the controller and since only a slight touch can initiate the action, I often happened to accidently put my finger on the touchpad while playing and it was extremely annoying and immersion breaking to have the map pop-up over and over again. I really hope no game ever uses the touchpad in this way ever again.

    The level design is atrocious. The game has these "safe zones" which act as checkpoints. If you die or fail a mission, you respawn in the nearest checkpoint. Most of the time, these places are surrounded by barbed wire, with a single opening that you can climb onto and jump into the safe zone, often being a bus or a broken cart or table, so you can run up it and jump off. No zombies can get inside these safe zones and it makes no sense why, since they can easily climb onto buses and even follow you up to the rooftops.

    There are many other poor design choices. There are missions that you can only do at night even if the objective requires nothing more than pulling a switch. In one particular mission early on in the game, I reached my destination only to learn that the game would not allow me to complete the objective during the day and there was a bed right there where the game should have allowed me to sleep in order to pass the time but it wouldn’t because the game demands that you go all the way back to your safe zone, wait till night-time and come back. This is a way to make sure you go through the horde of zombies at night, just to pull a switch, which you could have done in the day anyway.

    My experience with Dying Light was terrible and I would not recommend this to anyone. If you are still not convinced then borrow it or rent it and see for yourself but please don’t waste your hard-earned money on an unfinished product.

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