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A fun, yet challenging, experience for players of all ages.

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    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    A fun, yet challenging, experience for players of all ages.

    When I first played LEGO Marvel I found myself getting stuck often on certain levels. It was frustrating to say the least. I, a 19 year old college student, was getting stuck, and at times angry at, levels designed for, but not necessarily played by, children. It was usually the puzzle aspects that got me confused rarely was it because of a boss fight, in fact those are generally pretty simple and self explanatory to get past. What would happen was I wouldn’t know what character to use to move certain objects to progress in the level. Now that I am considerably farther I have come to appreciate that frustration. I think it is very hard to make a game that can be fun yet challenging for all ages. Sure it is possible I am just not good at the game but I’d like to think otherwise. This is also my first LEGO game, so maybe I’m just late to the party. However, it is better late than never, and I am loving every second.

    As far as the actual combat mechanics go it is difficult to really judge it. It is so simple, yet so fun. I never found the actual combat to be very challenging, which is good. All of the characters feel useful with the exception of a few. In some situations it may be best to play as Ironman and just spam rockets, other times Ironman may not be the best character to use. I found one exception to this and I call it the “Hulk Rule”. If during any mission you can play as the Hulk, do it. Not only is it fun to watch him just destroy everything in his path; but he pretty much takes no damage, aside from rockets. Personally I did not enjoy playing as Black Widow or The Invisible Woman. Not because they were female, but because the powers the have don’t really translate well into the game. It is the same reason I do not like playing as Nick Furry. It is tough to go from playing as Ironman, Wolverine, or The Thing, and suddenly switch to someone who can basically only punch people or turn invisible.

    The levels are all fun (so far) and offer unique locations and play styles that you need to adapt to. Having said that, every character has their uses and it actually brings a ton of replay ability to the game. Each level has various collectibles, some of which can only be collected through certain means. For example some are blocked by something that “Needs magnetic powers” to move. You wont actually unlock a character for that purpose for a decent amount of time. It allows you to go back and play each mission with an entirely different supporting cast. Instead of having Spiderman, Captain America, and Wolverine you could go back with Dr. Octopus, Storm, and Juggernaut. There are so many characters to choose from its difficult to pick any 3 to stay loyal to. On top of all of the preset characters you can even make your own. If you want the head of Daredevil, the body Cyclops, and the move sets of Spiderman, you can do it.

    Even though the game is a tremendous bit of fun there are a few things that I do not think hold up to the rest of it. Mainly that is the free roam. This is not to say it is bad, but when comparing it to the story driven levels there was a decent drop-off of fun for me. I often found myself with so much to do I did not know where to start. There are things marked all over the map and it is hard to know what you should be doing. I often found myself just flying around with Thor or Ironman. Also at times it becomes difficult to switch characters. Usually you just hold down “Y” and it brings up a menu and you can pick and choose but that frequently failed on me; sometimes it would work, sometimes it would not. Another thing worth noting is that some of the puzzle’s of the story missions felt forced, not being able to make jumps because you were supposed to make a bridge, stuff along those lines.

    In the end, LEGO Marvel is a wonderful game. You can buy with confidence for anyone, of any age, knowing that if they give it a chance they will have fun with it. There is so much to do and so many options to play as that you could play the same level 3 times and have it be a unique experience each time. The levels all have their unique spin, are fun, and still require a bit of thought. The combat style is easy to just pick up and play, within minutes you should feel as though you’ve played it for days.

    PROS: Character selection, Fun Levels, Easy Combat, Replay Value

    CONS: Free roam is good but has room for improvement, forced level design

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