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A fun little disaster

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    Gundam Breaker 3

    Rating: 2.0 – Poor

    A fun little disaster

    This was one of the most disappointing games I ever played, and yet I put in at least 20 hours.

    Why do I do this to myself? Oh right I do it for the sake of Gundam.

    I loved Gundam Breaker 2 because of the concept alone, but knew it needed another level of customization. Gundam Breaker 3 promised to deliver on this with the builders parts system. And for the most part they did. They also made a major change from how the RPG mechanics work that on paper should’ve made serious improvements to customization and freedom of choice. But that’s what broke the game for me.

    It’s important to mention I have the PlayAsia version with no patches. My home internet is metered, so I don’t usually game online at my house. On the one hand this means they could’ve done a day-one patch I’m unaware of that fixes this major issue I will now discuss, in which case, ignore me, or downvote me, or PM me or what have you. On the other hand, this means I was able to cheat to get infinite money which is the only thing that kept the game from being literally the worst thing I’ve ever played. Because with infinite money, I was able to build any just about suit I wanted after a certain point, which I milked the hell out of to build all sorts of MSVs and some sick-looking customs, plus a new go-to main I want to build IRL, my Kampfer Custom Full Assault, from an AU where Zeon won the One-Year War.

    Now here is the big issue. In GB2, the stats of your parts depended on what suit the parts were from. Mass-productions were typically lower, and prototypes were typically better, which created some questionable comparisons, such as Sinanju having higher stats than Unicorn and Epyon having higher stats than 00 Raiser. This meant that once you had parts to a better suit, you basically had to switch to those unless you grinded for resources to upgrade your parts, which would take an eternity to make significant improvements. Not fun, it made it so suits that you wanted to LOOK a certain way had mostly limited strength.

    To increase freedom of choice, they made it so stats are entirely dependent on parts level. All parts have basically identical stats as any other part of the same level and rarity, meaning you can have a GM or Zaku or other mass-production upgraded enough to be on par with one of the most powerful Gundams in all of Gundam canon theoretically. Except the requirements to make an upgrade are still too damn high. They tend to require tens of thousands of resources to upgrade at higher levels, and you often make maybe 5000 resources per mission. The point is, you still have to grind for an hour or two to upgrade one level for one PART of your suit once you get past level 10.

    And once you beat the game, even if you swap out all parts for Master Grade, you will need to be at least level 10 again to stand a chance against the enemies in New Game +. It’s not skill-based, once you get to a certain point, it’s mostly stat-based. Which means grinding. A LOT of grinding. And once you find a suit/combat style that suits you, combat tends to get VERY repetetive VERY fast. I don’t think I would’ve been able to beat the game if not for the bug that let me get infinite money, but even that took usually anywhere from 5-20 minutes to upgrade my suit by button-mashing (depending on what level the parts were at.).

    tl;dr: At least without updates, this game is a grind and repetetive. The only point is the build system, but it takes too much work to unlock all the parts you want. I don’t know if they fixed it in an update, but this game can be a chore. Also bosses have too much health.


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