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A fumble right out of the gate…

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    Madden NFL 25

    Rating: 2.5 – Playable

    A fumble right out of the gate…

    After taking a few years off from purchasing a Madden game, coupled with a new generation of consoles launching, I figured Madden 25 on the Xbox One would be a sizable improvement. Knowing EA’s track record with Madden titles, I should’ve known better, but with football season in full effect, it was a spur of the moment purchase. While there are noticeable improvements from the last Madden title I played, the atrocious graphics on a next generation system is inexcusable. I was shocked by how poor the graphics were, which highlights the laziness of the developers and felt like a quick cash grab from next gen system owners.

    Before moving forward, Madden 25 has its moments of fun. Playing on all pro, A.I. opponents felt much tighter. It was much more difficult to abuse the same passing routes like in previous installments I played. The improvement was welcome, but at times it became a bit frustrating as the difficulty felt a bit cheap. For example, wide receivers who should have a significant advantage over certain corner backs didn’t give off that sense of advantage.

    Given that however, the running game felt abundantly in the player’s favor. It was more difficult moving the ball through the air, but I would still consistently run the ball effectively against the same defense. This was true even against good run defenses. Playing defense on the other hand felt fun. I think the balance on defense felt good, and did not make playing defense a stepping stone to play offense.

    In this edition of Madden, I played Franchise immediately and created a character for it. Creating characters felt limited. The options to select for your body and face was limited and lacked options. In franchise mode, there were an offline and connected franchise mode. I dabbled a bit in connected franchise, but didn’t really build much traction in playing. I stuck mostly with offline franchise. There were several options, owner, player, and coach. I dabbled a bit with player, but you only play as one particular player, which I didn’t particularly enjoy. Coach was what I spent most of my time on.

    As previously mentioned, Madden 25’s graphics are atrocious. Character models were choppy. Animation looked stiff. The crowd still appeared to be the same copy and paste figures throughout. The football field also looked a bit jaggy. If this was an Xbox 360 game, it would still be an ugly game. Being on the Xbox One made it even more inexcusable. The commentating on the other hand however was pretty solid.

    Madden 25 is fun at times. However, it just felt more of the same without really any significant and differentiating features. That and along with the poor graphics made the game feel like a rip off. While at times fun, I think there isn’t much value when taking the 60 dollar price tag into consideration. I’d recommend a rental at best.

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