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A familiar coat of paint…

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    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    A familiar coat of paint…

    Uncharted Lost Legacy was initially billed as a downloadable content for Uncharted 4. Over time however, the game was changed to a standalone game title. Uncharted Lost Legacy follows the adventures as Chloe and Nadine, with the player assuming control of Chloe. The game takes place in India, where Chloe and Nadine are after the next big secret treasure. In the game’s story line, there is also a civil war occurring and the insurgent’s leader is after the same treasure to help support his war. He and his army serves as the game’s antagonist and enemies.

    Uncharted Lost Legacy essentially plays like past Uncharted games, except Chloe is now the protagonist. Chloe’s character even feels like Nathan Drake, as she is fully equipped with quips. Unfortunately, it almost felt like it was Nathan Drake with Chloe’s face overlay on top of it. In a way, I was hoping Chloe would retain her own personality.

    From a game play perspective, Lost Legacy contains the same gun play action, stealth, and platforming as previous games. I would say the game has the been there done that feel. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The game still features great production value, intense combat, and slick platforming. The issue is that having recently played Uncharted 4, there was not enough differentiating factors to really make this game stand out. They even made her essentially the same personality as Drake.

    From a game play perspective, if you have played previous Uncharted games, then you have essentially played Lost Legacy. As Chloe, you will be doing quite a bit of platforming, where you will jump and maneuver across ledges and other obstacles. The platforming is certainly fun and provides nice breaks in between actions. You can also utilize some platforming during certain battle sequences.

    The combat system is good. The controls are slick and easy to use. It certainly does not get in the way of engaging your opponents. As Chloe, you can also use hand to hand combat. These attacks are fairly simplistic, with an option to counter when engaged in combat. Most of the time however, you will be engaged in gun battles and these can be quite intense. Most of the time you will be using cover to engage enemies as you shoot, while also moving around and trying to get an advantage.

    There are also a wide range of weapons from a variety of pistols, automatic weapons, sniper rifles, or shotguns. Each one feels different and offer pros and cons. You also have projectiles that you can use. In addition to this, users can also utilize stealth attacks, which I found to be the method of engagement for the most part. Users can use the environment and quietly dispose of enemies. Some enemies have special gear, which requires you to first take off the helmet before you could finish him.

    Additionally, the game features puzzles like previous games in the series. The puzzles are nothing too difficult, but it acts as a nice buffer to break up the action and platforming. It adds a bit of variety. Some of the puzzles I also thought were pretty cool, especially once you solve for them. There were also the right amount of puzzles, so I did not get too frustrated due to an overabundance of them.

    Now the game play was certainly fun, but largely felt the same as previous Uncharted games. Again this is not necessarily a bad thing, but for someone who recently just finished Uncharted 4, it just felt like more of the same with a different character. I would suggest waiting a bit longer to play Lost Legacy if you recently played an Uncharted game, so it does not have as much of that been there done that.

    Like previous games, Uncharted Lost Legacy is a pretty game. The character models look good, from Chloe to Nadine. Animation also looks good, from physics of enemies going down or overall movement of the characters. The game for the most part ran smooth, except the end of the game where there was a significant drop in frame rate due to all the action that was going on. From a sound perspective, the game has very good voice acting. Most of the voice actors nailed the character. The musical sound track was also solid.

    Uncharted Lost Legacy is a solid game, with a lot of fun elements of previous games. The only thing is it was too much of the same thing too soon, without me really missing the series. With that said, Uncharted Lost Legacy features good game play, intense action, and some nice puzzles and platforming to break things up. I finished the game around eight hours, so for the price there is definitely value. All in all, Lost Legacy is worth checking out if you are an Uncharted fan.

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