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A Decent RPG for the Switch!

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    Octopath Traveler

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    A Decent RPG for the Switch!

    This game definitely deserves the praise it has been receiving from critics and other folks playing this. This reminds a lot of the early Final Fantasy games, but with more modern classical music soundtrack accompanied with 16-bit style sprites as characters that very much serve as a throwback to the 16-bit era. Really neat thing here is that you have several characters to choose from as your main character, and you can go around the world map meeting and taking along all kinds of interesting characters with their own background stories. I must say that the story is extremely well-written, and displays quite a bit of emotion in the plot that resembles a lot of the old Square that I grew up with. This game does have some difficulty spikes, but nothing that cannot be worked out with some practice in battles. The environments are very well-detailed, and really does breathe modern air into a game like this with its dynamic lighting, and such. The navigation through the world map is interesting. It has a 2.5D feel to the exploration in this game, and I don’t mind it too much, actually since its an idea that Square experimented here without taking away too much from the overall gameplay.

    The battles play out almost exactly like the very early Final Fantasies (I, II, and III) with an exception; it has a boost system that you can practically build up using the defend command on all of your characters to get it to where you please, or just simply attack with all of them; it’s up to you how you want to utilize that. Another thing I noticed here is that the enemies you fight in battle do not actually move around too much, and when they attack, you only see a slash from their end that ends up hitting your characters. I don’t see any problem with this though, since this game is intended to replicate the atmosphere of the NES/SNES Final Fantasy games, which is a welcome addition here. The boost system allows you to use more powerful versions of your physical and magic attacks, and depending on how long you build it up, you can pretty much decimate whole hordes of enemies in a single blast if you use thousand spears, or some magic attack that affects all the enemies you’re fighting. Of course, you have your RPG staples of towns, inns, and various shops to buy things from. They are all very nice additions to the game, on top of having a world map you can fully explore with treasure chests across different parts of the world and such.

    Overall, I can definitely recommend this game to any Final Fantasy fan that grew up with the NES/SNES games, or are simply looking for a worthy RPG for your Nintendo Switch. Either way, I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

    Rating:   4.0 – Great

    Product Release: Octopath Traveler (US, 07/13/18)

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