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A Decent DRPG Experience

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    The Lost Child

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    A Decent DRPG Experience

    DRPGs are rather limited on the PS4, at least localized ones anyway. So how does The Lost Child (TLC) hold up?


    If you’ve played a Shin Megami Tensei game, you might feel at home with TLC’s story that involves Angels, Demons, Fallen Angels and Gods. A big draw point is the mystery that starts out. What are Fallen Angels’ goals? What do they have to do with the Demons? What role does the Chosen One play? These mysteries will continue the push the story forward, but ultimately, the revelations aren’t particularly great in my opinion. They don’t make the story terrible by the end, but rather it’s a letdown of the early build up. If you’re looking for a deep story, you’ll need to look elsewhere. It’s worth pointing out that while the main story isn’t short, it isn’t long either.


    DRPGs tend to have mediocre graphics and TLC isn’t much different. The setting ranges from generic cityscapes to the really strange dimensional looking worlds. The dungeon backgrounds aren’t particular detailed, colorful or memorable, but it’s probably not something most people will care as they traverse the dungeons.


    There’s a number of characters you meet as you play through the game. A good portion of the NPCs just play shopkeeper roles while the other appear only in a limited amount of scenes. While they do appear interesting, they are unfortunately undeveloped as characters.


    Next we have the Astrals which are the Demons, Angels and Fallen Angels that make up most of the game’s enemies as well as your potential party members. At first, we’re introduced to demons which shares some similarities to how demons in the SMT games are depicted. Then we have the Fallen Angels which mostly look like strange block figures. Not very memorable or interesting either. The last group are the Angels which admittedly, look quite good. As with similar games like SMT, these party members don’t have any real roles in the story are even developed at all.


    TLC’s gameplay is similar to many DRPGs. You proceed mostly through dungeons with multiple traps, one way doors, pit holes, fake walls, etc…What it does kind of differently is having large number of riddles and puzzles that you need to deal with. They range from the obvious to the extremely confusing.

    As for the battles, there’s not much to differentiate them compared to the others. On the normal and easy difficulty, there’s not much challenge, but there is a huge spike in difficulty if changed to Hard and above. Along the way, you’ll obtain a large number of gear that only the MC and the female heroine can equip. These gear come with pre-set stats, but randomly generated special effects.

    Game Content

    Outside of the main story and dungeons, we do have access to some sidequests, but these ultimately aren’t very interesting and become quite routine. There is a 100 floor optional dungeon that’s full of puzzles and riddles. This optional dungeon also serve as primary post game content. Expect to burn a large portion of hours in this dungeon.

    Final Words

    Overall, I think the game is decent enough to try and beat, but I don’t expect it to be view as something special among DRPG fans. So it’s a 3/5 for me.

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